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Why are Online Estate Agents Using E-Commerce Solutions to Boost Sales? | Just Do Property

Listing a home on the open market can sometimes represent a challenging task. Not only will you be required to find the appropriate buying demographic, but exposure is a very real concern. The main issue here is that estate agents need to adapt to the digital domain. However, digital applications have come a long way in recent years. The advent of the Internet enables sellers to interact with potential buyers within a real-time scenario; critical when addressing questions or dealing with other logistics. What are some of the other benefits which can be leveraged by online estate agents and what are a handful of signals that an e-commerce solution is best suited for the entire listing process? let’s take a closer look.

All About an Enhanced Level of Exposure

While high street agencies still abound, the fact of the matter is that a growing number of individuals are employing the scope of the Internet when searching for a home. This is why estate agencies now need to enjoy a pronounced presence within the digital domain. Some other advantages of approach include:

  • Exposure to multiple markets.
  • Advanced tools such as 360-degree images and virtual tours.
  • The ability for clients to immediately contact a representative.
  • A social media presence for increased levels of transparency.

Listing a property online will always involve grabbing and keeping the attention of the visitor. This is why both presentation and functionality are key concerns. Modern e-commerce bundles will provide agents with a host of different options so that a unique advertisement is able to stand out from the masses. This results in a greater number of inbound hits and naturally, higher chances that an interested party will take the next step. It should still be pointed out that not all providers are capable of offering this decidedly user-friendly nature. This is why choosing the most appropriate system is very important.

Comparing Different Providers: Embracing a Flexible and Intuitive Nature

Two of the largest and most well-known e-commerce software providers on the market today are Big Commerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus. However, each is associated with specific traits. In terms of Big Commerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus, one of the main factors is how the system will be able to adapt to the changing needs of the estate agency. While Big Commerce certainly contains a number of strong points, the fact of the matter is that a growing number of firms are choosing Shopify due to its highly flexible nature that has been specifically designed for the competitive business community.

Of course, agents will need to perform additional research in order to fully appreciate the tools and utilities which are available. It is always wise for estate agents to begin establishing an online presence sooner as opposed to later. They will be amazed with the results that are able to achieved within a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, the chances are much higher that an agency will be able to obtain the asking price that the property deserves.