Every student accommodation claims to be the best, so when looking for great student accommodation that is worth the price tag, there is a lot to consider. If you want to make sure you spend your student loan wisely and don’t end up in an accommodation you hate, follow these simple tips when looking for your first student digs.

Rent Cost and Bills

As a student, money is the most important factor to consider when choosing a place to live. When looking for your perfect student accommodation, look for one that includes all the bills in the price of the rent. Otherwise, you could be looking at paying a lot more than you bargained for. If your rent seems relatively low, check that all utilities are paid for, including water, electricity, Wi-Fi and TV license. This makes moving into your new place so much easier and means you will never get in trouble with the TV licensing company!


We all want to live in a safe and secure place and student accommodation is usually fairly good at this. If you live in halls, they are often gated with 24/7 security. Ensure that there are locks available on all windows and doors and even on your own bedroom door, especially if you are house sharing with others you do not know.


There is nothing worse than moving into a new student accommodation, to then find out that the landlord is awful to get hold of and takes forever to sort out any maintenance requests. You should never be paying for things to get fixed, so speak to the owners of the accommodation beforehand about how they deal with urgent and non-urgent maintenance requests. If you are looking for a student house, one option worth considering is Almero who provide many luxury options where maintenance requests can be logged and are sorted quickly, meaning you can get on with your lectures knowing that any broken items will be fixed on your behalf. You can find an Almero student house in Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds and Manchester so if you have one of these universities in mind then this is an accommodation option worth looking into. They also have excellent security and include all bills within their rent price, so they are worth looking into.

Furnished Apartments

When moving away from home into student accommodation, you want to be buying as little as possible for yourself. This means finding student accommodation that is already furnished. Some student houses already have furniture and TVs in the living rooms, but it is best to check before you make a choice if these are included. Some adverts are misleading, or the TV may belong to the current residents of the house. Always look around a student accommodation before making a decision. If possible, speak to anyone that lives there to see how the landlords are and if the area is a good place to live. When moving in, there are certain items that you will need to buy for yourself, so follow this great check list to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Don’t be fooled by what student accommodations promise you, instead check out the place for yourself and, if possible, speak to the current residents. If a student accommodation provider has their own website, look through it and take any virtual tours of the place to get a better idea of what is included.