With so many different types out crane available to hire it can sometimes be difficult to know which is the most appropriate one for the job in hand. Here we will look at what is possibly one of the most versatile crane types around, the mobile crane, and just why it might be the best possible choice for your next project. If you have any questions regarding mobile crane hire, a reputable crane hire company will be happy to help you.

What is a mobile crane? 

A mobile crane is on that is mounted onto a wheeled chassis, and then folded down for transport. This type of crane has a rotating upper structure that is fitted with a boom that is telescopic to allow for greater reach. The telescopic boom has the ability to be turned through a full 360 degrees and also to vary the radius at which it works. This means that even when the space you are working in presents something of a challenge to a different type of crane, the mobile crane will make it easier to lift whatever you need to wherever you need it

Mobile cranes are also fitted with stabilisers so that they can be used for static jobs but the versatility in some cases to be used for travelling with loads as well. This is a highly versatile type of crane that can lift just about any load into just about any situation.

The crane – a brief history 

Cranes have been around for a considerable length of time and until 1870, they were almost all fixed types that remained in just one position. A few were mounted onto flatcars, however, which offered a minor amount of movement. Steam-powered cranes entered the picture in 1867 and quickly became a very popular and practical choice. The first hydraulic crane mounted on a truck became available in 1947. The telescopic boom is a relatively recent addition; prior to the 1960s crane drivers had to carry additional booms with them when cranes were needed that would reach greater heights.

Modern cranes as we know them today with fully rotating platforms and telescopic booms were invented in the mid-1960s and over the years their design has been refined further to provide the precision mobile cranes that we now have.

The advantages of a mobile crane 

When it comes to mobile cranes there are a number of advantages to hiring this type of crane for your project. These include:

Space-saving and flexible 

Arguably the biggest benefit is that this is a highly flexible and mobile type of crane that can be very useful in any job where there may be several obstacles that need to be bypassed. Whether this is narrow passageways or sites with little space they are a practical and safe solution that take up a smaller footprint.

Fast to set up 

Mobile cranes can be set up easily and quickly which is an important factor on a building site, where time is money and efficiency is the key to not only completing the project on time but also on budget. 

Offer a greater level of strength 

Mobile cranes may be smaller than other models out there however they still afford a great deal of strength to any task they undertake, and they are capable of lifting large heavy objects. They benefit from heavy axles and hydraulic power, which helps them to achieve this.

What type of project are they most suited to? 

Due to their smaller size, longer telescopic boom and high level of manoeuvrability, mobile cranes are very well suited to any project where space is tight. This might include building projects that are being undertaken in built-up areas such as city centres, and also those building sites where access is tight.









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