Julie Hanson interviews Mark Jackson and Wendy Patton from Lease Options Made Simple. She asked them why their forthcoming event will be different. They also discuss mistakes theyve made in their career.

Its always a pleasure to chat with Wendy and Mark from Lease Options Made Simple.

They have an event coming up in May ( Lease Options Live Event, May 14th/15th in London) so I wanted to find out why this one is different.

I also asked them about some of the mistakes they had made during their career.  Its so good to hear people admit that they have made mistakes, and to talk about it so other people can learn from them.  One thing is for sure, lease options is a great strategy but you need to know what youre doing – by educating yourself!

The event sounds like its going to be a great one.  Theyll be talking about: Co-operative Options; How to find sellers fast; How to use Rent to Buy and flip the property without even owning it and many other things.

Have a listen to this audio clip to find out Lease Options and the forthcoming event.


If you are the sort of person that takes action (I like you already) then why not get along to the Lease Options Live Event on May 14th/15th.