When it comes to maintaining a beautiful home or property, there are plenty of household cleaning tasks which are easy to do yourself with minimal equipment and little time. 

However, there are a handful of jobs that should be left to the professionals if you want to ensure they’re taken care of properly, to the highest standard.

1. Carpet Cleaning

No matter how often you vacuum carpets, dirt and odours will dig down deep over time, so it’s imperative to hire a carpet cleaning service every year to keep them smelling fresh and looking spotless. 

While you may be tempted to clean carpets yourself using an off-the-shelf detergent, it’s best to leave it to the professionals as they’ll use high-temperature steam and a quality cleaning solution to achieve the finest results. It also saves you a lot of time so you can relax knowing that your carpet is in good hands.  

2. Window Cleaning 

You may have perfected the art of eliminating spots and streaks on your indoor windows, but when it comes to cleaning your outdoor windows, there’s a lot more dirt from the elements. A professional window cleaner has the skills, equipment and correct products to clean and protect your windows the right way. They also look out for small problems, such as deteriorating frames, so that you can address any repairs early. 

More important is your safety. Professional window cleaners are trained and experienced in climbing ladders while also using their equipment. They often have a reach and wash system too — which eliminates any height-related risks. 

3. Commercial Cleaning

If you own a commercial property such as an office, it’s necessary to keep this space clean and tidy. However, with so many tasks that have to be completed regularly, it’s a big commitment to take on yourself. 

Not only can a messy and dirty workplace greatly harm the health and wellbeing of employees, but it can also affect your brand image too. If employees, business contacts and customers see a dishevelled environment, then that’s how they’ll perceive the company.

4. Stain Removal

You can be the most careful person in the world, but we’ve all had the classic red wine, blood or coffee spill on the cream sofa moment. We think we can fix it ourselves, yet before we know it, the stain size has doubled and no size cushion will cover it. 

In these scenarios, it’s best to blot the spill (do not rub!) to soak up the worst of it, and then bring in a stain removal expert ASAP (within 48 hours for the highest chance of success). A professional cleaner will have expert knowledge on how to treat specific stains, as well as high-end products to clean them accordingly.

5. End of Tenancy  

If you’re a landlord, then you’ll want to put your property back onto the market as quickly as possible after the existing tenant moves out. However, not every tenant does a great job of leaving the property as they found it, which can cause delays.

Though you may think it’s easier to get stuck in yourself to bring the property back up to scratch, it’s far better in the long run to hire end of tenancy cleaners. They’ll thoroughly deep clean the property by following a strict check-list, so you’re safe in the knowledge that the next tenant is walking into a beautiful and clean space. And a bonus for you — the professional clean helps maintain the quality and longevity of your property.