If you’re planning to renovate or build a remote property then you need to make them more ready for living in. Self-sufficiency is the key to a faster sale as well as a higher asking price. If you’ve decided to invest in a remote property, then there are some obvious essentials that will need to be in place before anyone is going to be able to move in. Of course, some buyers are keen to undertake their remote property renovations themselves, but that means selling a property when it is not ready. This will affect your asking price and can entail a long wait for those buyers to find you. Speed up your sale by addressing these essential factors.

Learn about the issues

Before spending money on your remote property, do some research. Living remotely might be an option that is growing in popularity, but people are still going to need their essentials. Look at modern solutions for the basic necessities in life, and make sure that you do in-depth research into each appropriate option.

Choose your Location Carefully

The more that you consider location, the more that you’ll be able to understand just what the specific issues on that property are going to be. Remote and rural homes come in a variety of locations and conditions. Some may have an old and impractical oil boiler which you will be well-advised to change to a more robust, convenient, and energy-efficient gas system. While many of the people moving to remote locations will choose to rely on outdated fireplaces for heating, there are some far more sustainable alternatives to wood if heating is a concern. Click here for more info about how to access the energy that you need no matter your location.

Use Professionals

Property investment means being very aware of your own skills and (more importantly) knowing which skills you need help with. If you’re preparing a property for sale, then you need to make sure that it is safe for those eventual buyers. Use qualified and professional plumbers, electricians, and architects to cover your needs, and make sure that there is easy access to your investment property.

Land Essentials

Most people who want a more remote lifestyle are planning to have some form of self-sufficiency plan. Make sure that the property that you’re going to invest in has some essential basics such as:

  • Water supply – If there is not already a water source in place, then you’re going to need to make water a priority. There are some simple options to consider, such as a well or using a nearby river. You might also want to look at water recycling options that can reduce reliance on mains water supplies.
  • Waste management – Without mains sewage infrastructure it can be very difficult to manage waste easily. If you want your property to sell faster and for more money, make sure that you have some system in place for this. Septic tanks, compost toilets, and even incinerators can help with managing waste in even the most remote properties.
  • Communication Infrastructure – The more remote, the less chance of 3G, let alone 4G. Even for those hoping to escape the pressures of cramped cities, the internet is still a necessity. While many buyers will be happy to make their own internet arrangements, if you have a satellite or hotspot system already in place then you will be able to lift your asking price with very little in the way of personal cost.

The more that you take into account the needs of the people who will eventually live on your property, the faster your sale can be. Consider the lifestyles of those that are looking for more remote living, and not only will you speed up the sales process, but you will also be able to ask for a higher asking price as well.