Before we start planning the lighting of our bathroom, we have to understand the importance of well-illuminated space in general. The role of light in rooms where we work and live is much more significant than we could expect. The kind and level of interior light have an evident impact on the quality of our daily performance.

Poor or bad-planned lighting results in long-term consequences for our health. It can cause both sight and posture defects. Our mood and mental health may get negatively affected, as well.

We’re not giving as much attention to the bathroom lighting as in other rooms, and that’s a huge mistake! Each part of our home should be equally important to us when it comes to any renovations. This underestimated space should be our small temple of self-care.

Now let’s take a look at how to do some magic with the simple power of illumination.

Types of lighting

Each activity of yours requires a slightly different kind of light and a different place for the lighting fixture itself. There are areas where the light has to be installed evenly, brightly white and concentrated, e.g., small reflectors upon the mirror or horizontal wall sconces on the sides. While elsewhere, there’s no need for such requirements, like over the bathtub — warm, delicate, diffused light of small pendant lighting will be just enough. The point is to think your daily cycle through, so you can distribute a couple of various sources of light accordingly to your own needs.

Make-up and facial care

The best kind of light in the mirror area is undoubtedly cool daylight. Obviously, in the evenings or without bathroom windows at all, we’re going to need cool white, symmetrically arranged lights.

For the best, most natural effects, we recommend sticking LED tapes around the mirror, avoiding the down part of it. Lower light by the mirror is not only unnecessary but may also distort your appearance.

While fixing the tapes, make sure to place them around the backside of a mirror, not the outer edges. Otherwise, the LEDs will give an unpleasant light that can hurt your eyes.


It is probably the last and the first room you visit before and after sleep. Isn’t it worth it to make this particular space as enjoyable as possible? After all, you don’t want to feel even more exhausted and irritated after a long-awaited bubble bath, just because of the poorly chosen bathroom light.

Decorations and plants can do the trick. But to set the mood fully, you need to take care of proper lighting techniques!

We don’t need any daylight to feel relaxed. Instead of that, we’d rather like to achieve a dreamy warm illuminating effect. For soft, discreet, candle-like glow, you can use either LED tapes or unevenly distributed pendant lighting.

In this case, you can experiment with light distribution. There’s no need for your surroundings to look perfect, and even when it comes to relaxing. What we’re aiming here for is mystic, dim aura. A bathroom dimmer switch is a must to get the peaceful SPA atmosphere in all its glory!

If you decided to renovate either the whole apartment or just the bathroom, remember to include the dimmer device into your renovation plan before fixing the first tiles. Some of the switchers may require a specific way of connecting to the electric circuit directly.

General activities

Activities like cleaning up require definitely bright, cool light. Even though the rule here is straight and simple, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun experimenting with designing the main source of light.

You can go simple with bathroom halogen lights installed on the ceiling, e.g., in three rows, or drum-like flush mount light fixtures. The flush mount lighting can be placed either overhead or high up on the walls, e.g., in three-quarter of four-fifth of the height. This kind of fixture gives a surprisingly big amount of natural, harmless, and very bright light.

Another main lighting solution you can come up with is a suspended ceiling. Such a project looks impressive and is actually uncomplicated to put together. You can either install recessed lamp holders for halogen light bulbs or LED lighting strips inward at the edges of the false roof panel.



While planning a bathroom remodelling or an extensive renovation, keep in mind that in this part of your house, you’re dealing with a tremendous amount of moisture. You have to take extra care of the electrical wiring and protection against water. Precautions like waterproof lighting elements, caps for socket outlets are an absolute must.

Stay responsible and consult every idea of yours with a professional electrician. Don’t pressure your dream design ideas for the renovation if they are not suitable for your space. Remember — safety comes first! Analyse the interior with a professional and find the best lighting solutions for your bathroom.




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