I recently purchased the new eBook from John Paul – The LHA Expert.  It’s a fantastic book and it really is a “must have” for any Landlord or Letting Agent – unless of course you already have all of your properties let out at maximum rent and fully paid up to date!!!

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According to the NLA 52% of Landlords say they wouldn’t let to LHA tenants. Obviously some investors are a bit scared of letting to them and think they’re a lot of hassle.  One of our properties is let to a single Mum of 2 who claims benefits. She’s a fantastic tenant and fortunately we’ve had no problems, but I’m sure some people have different experiences.  I think this book is a great read though to prepare you for letting to LHA tenants, it’s great to know all the facts.

If you haven’t seen the book, you can Download it here.

In his eBook John Paul (The LHA Expert) guides you through the maze of LHA legislation, and explains:

– Why you should bother with LHA, and how embracing the opportunity can take you from “Arrears Hell to Cash-flow Heaven”

– Which properties to target for maximum profit

– How to make sure you get the full amount of rent available

– Who to steer clear of to avoid problems

– Some little known “secrets” to using the LHA rules to your advantage

– How to switch Tenants on the old system onto LHA to increase your income

– Exactly how to make a claim – so that you actually get paid!

– How to virtually GUARANTEE you get paid directly by the Local Authority – (this one alone is worth buying the book for!!!)

– How you can get paid direct after 4 weeks NOT 8 weeks

– The latest on Overpayments, and how you can make sure they are taken from the Tenant and NOT you.

He also shares his experience with case-studies of actual scenarios that he has come across and had to deal with, so you dont need to make the same mistakes he did in the early days.  I like the case studies as they bring the theory to life.

At just £47 this offer is something of a “no-brainer”.

After all, just one month’s lost rent is around 10 times that amount.

This small investment could make all of the difference to the profitablility of your portfolio and you can get started today!

Heres the link where you can get access to your copy within minutes. Download it here.

I’d love to know if you’ve had LHA tenants who have been great or who have caused problems. So please comment on the blog if you’ve had experience with LHA tenants.