Paul Shamplina

At Landlord Action, we are always very supportive of organisations that provide good quality information that is helpful to landlords. This is why I have decided to team up with JustDoProperty as a mentor for landlords who have issues with problem tenants. This month, I would like to introduce to you what it is I do.

It didnt take long for a group of landlords to agree, there are too many tenants who wont pay. Too many solicitors who want fees to evict them, and the process seems to take forever.

Many solicitors lack knowledge about the process and were unable to provide a set fee for reclaiming lost rents or evicting tenants. The prices quoted usually include hourly rates, and almost all the solicitors wanted funds on account ranging from £400 to £1000 without any indication of how long the process would take and if there would be any additional costs.

Then, one of the landlords met an expert in the legal procedures dealing with landlord/tenant issues, and so Landlord Action was born in 1999.

The business gained momentum and in the ten years that followed, we have helped landlords to evict over 16,000 problem tenants. This makes us the foremost and most experienced authority on tenant evictions in the UK. Over the last few years, we have also been involved in helping landlords to recover outstanding rent arrears from problem tenants.

Through the numerous talks and seminars that I give all over the country, I have the opportunity to speak to landlords of various sized-portfolios and also property professionals. It would seem as though there is a distinct lack of knowledge when it comes to dealing with problem tenants, and this is something Landlord Action are looking to address through the talks and seminars.

The two main talks that I give are on ‘How to avoid a bad tenant’ and ‘Beware of property sharks’. I would definitely advise landlords to come along to either of these free talks since there is a wealth of information you can gain on safeguarding your properties and investments.

Recently, Landlord Action has been involved in educating landlords about the dangers of Local Housing Allowances. Although the system can work very profitably (if you know what you are doing), many of our new instructions are coming from inexperienced landlords who are facing problem tenants (usually, the tenants are withholding rent). We have put together a full day seminar to help landlords understand how to make the system work for them. More details can be found at

Every month, I will be sharing some of my experience with you in dealing with bad tenants. However, if there are any specific questions that you have, feel free to contact me directly.

Paul Shamplina
Landlord Action

Landlord Action are a niche tenant eviction and debt recovery specialist focused on helping landlords with problem tenants. We offer a simple, fixed-fee solution to evict bad tenants nationwide and recover rent arrears. Since 1999, we have successfully helped to evict over 16,000 bad tenants.

Landlord Action were awarded First place for Legal Services at the 2009 Landlord and Buy-To-Let Awards.

We have also setup a free legal advice line to help landlords understand their rights:
0845 881 0011.