I’ve just read an incredibly thought-provoking article about just how valuable – and transferable ­– our skills as BTL investors can be… 

For sometime now, I’ve been following the blog of UK Property Expert, Lyndon Forshaw, with interest – especially his approach to new build developing. In his latest free download, he reveals that the transition from BTL investing to new build developing is not as much of a leap as you may think… 

As you’ve probably noticed, making genuine regular profits from buy-to-let is far, far harder than it used to be! That’s why it’s more important than ever to supplement your long-term investment strategies. 

Of course, BTL is a great long-term investment strategy. Although, the value of our portfolio can be considerable… after finance and maintenance costs, it can be hard to yield regular income… In fact, sometimes we can be lucky if we make any! 

Though of course, with BTL that isn’t really the point. The aim is to enjoy the fruits of our labour a few years down the line. Hopefully your portfolio will allow you to enjoy a long and carefree retirement… but what about today? Does your monthly BTL income really deliver the standard of living and financial freedom you deserve? 

Well, in his latest free download, Lyndon offers all BTL investors a way to supplement their income by at least £50,000 per year. 

Better still, you already have the skills required to generate an additional FIVE or SIX figure annual income – around your existing commitments, relying on other people to do most of the “hard graft” on your behalf… 

Sounds stupidly unrealistic, doesn’t it? 

Well to be honest, I thought so too. In fact, it was at this point that I expected Lyndon to introduce some new and farfetched “passive income generating system”… another one of those ridiculous get rich quick schemes. 

Well, I don’t mind telling you, I was completely wrong. 

What Lyndon is talking about is new build developing… which simply means securing some land and building something new on it. 

Now the best thing about this for us BTL investors is that developing for profit is strikingly similar to BTL investing… just on a larger scale. As Lyndon points out, you already possess many of the skills you will need to become a successful property developer. 

He describes how you don’t need ANY construction knowledge and, to get started, you needn’t invest any more capital than a typical BTL project. 

You see, just like a BTL investor, the job of a property developer is really that of a facilitator. They source the opportunity, organise finance, structure the deal and concentrate on sales and marketing. Lyndon explains that all the specialist tasks and “dirty work” are left to other people – solicitors, finance brokers, builders/construction companies, etc. – just as with BTL. 


Plus, one big advantage of new build developing is that there are no nasty surprises. By using a fixed-price contract with a single main contractor your developments are always delivered on time and on budget. 

download your FREE guide  

If you’re interested in new build developing but don’t know where to begin, then you’ll find his FREE guide that’s available to download from his website a useful place to start. It’s an extract from his new course “Developing Profits: from beginner to pro, the ultimate guide to profitable new build developing”. You’ll discover: 

  • Exactly what new build developing is.
  • Why it’s a great time to start learning developing skills right now.
  • Why developing is relatively easy for you to do.
  • How you can learn the inside knowledge and develop the necessary skills to generate life changing profits from one or two deals a year.
  • How one small project can generate more profits than working full-time.
  • Why you don’t actually need to know very much about construction to become a successful property developer.
  • How you can leverage the skills of other property professionals to make
  • substantial profits. 

  • Whether it’s possible to develop as a part-time hobby or a full-time career.

In this FREE download, Lyndon describes exactly how you can furnish yourself with the knowledge, skills and confidence to move from novice developer right through to co-coordinating multi-million pound projects just like a pro… 

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how successful developers go about generating SIX and SEVEN FIGURE PROFITS – per deal – then you’ll find this is well worth a read. 

I did. In fact, I found it so intriguing that I’m seriously considering following his advice and taking my first steps into the world of property development. And seeing as I knew absolutely nothing about developing before I read his report that really is quite an achievement! 

To find out more, download your FREE guide and discover how you could start a lucrative new hobby – or career – in property developing! 

Lyndon Forshaw has been actively involved in property for over 15 years. Hes built a wealth of experience in all sectors: from a buy-to-let portfolio of over 80 properties to new build developing – including retail and residential, barn conversions and land trading. He is involved in several property ventures such as LandLounge.com, Hamilton Black Development Ltd, Forshaw Land & Planning Ltd and Primo Developments Ltd. He also acts as a consultant and is dedicated to helping people find financial freedom through property via his website www.ukpropertyexpert.com.