Well thats the first half of 2011 completed!

How have you done overall?

Have you hit your goals?

Were you 100% clear on your goals??

If you were not, and had not written down your goals it’s unlikely you will have achieved what you hoped to.

Anyone that is successful in life will have clear goals and a clear idea of what they want to achieve.

Whether it is success in sport or business, those that do best will have clear plans, will take decisive action, have self belief and work hard.

Look at Rory McIlroy winning the US Open a few weeks ago, smashing records all through the tournament as the youngest winner ever. In the last round he admitted not only did he expect to win he also had his eye on the winning margin of Tiger Woods 15 strokes a few years earlier – now that is great self belief!

Far too many people do not have the overall desire to set themselves challenging goals and just settle for mediocrity.

I see some people back home once a year and every year seems like groundhog day – nothing much has changed for them from the year before, they are in jobs that dont inspire them, they’ve still got limited assets and often are in uninspiring relationships – often the one change has been putting half a stone on since the year before…!  And yet they dont change.

I hear other people at this time of year say, I think I’ll take July and August off and revisit my goals in September – a classic excuse – putting things off until another time…!

This is one of the reasons I love mixing with other property investors, they share common goals to invest in their own futures and set themselves up strongly financially.

Whether it is buying 1-2 buy to lets, or a large scale empire you know you are not relying on pensions which could be non existent or have to work well into your 70s.

I love speaking to individuals with focussed goals who are willing to share what they want to achieve and will do all they can to achieve these goals. It can be a client wanting to replace their income through property investment, or a friend committed to running a marathon before they are 40.

At Property Secrets we pride ourselves on working with like minded individuals and trying to find the best investment opportunities we can.  In the first 6 months of 2011 we have sourced over 250 properties or projects for clients from the UK, Europe, Australasia, Africa and USA with our network of sourcers ever expanding.

If you are serious about achieving your property investing goals, and havent been in touch yet, why not do this today?

Or if have been in touch but have always found some reason not to commit to that next stage, perhaps there was a good programme on TV(!) or school holidays…..then dont delay, and get in touch with one of our Portfolio Development Managers.

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Whatever you do, make the next 6 months the best 6 months of your life so far, so you can relax at the end of the year and look back with satisfaction, and then look forward to continuing this upward curve onwards and upwards!

Best Regards