I was having a look at the RICS website today and I noticed that they have a lot of very useful free guides on their site.  Ive highlighted two below which I think would be useful for property investors.

Letting a Property

This explains the basic legal and practical issues involved in letting a flat or house, giving you a checklist of the process you will go through:

Click here to download the RICS guide to Letting a Property.

Property Auctions

This guide aims to tell you more about the auction process from both a buyer and sellers point of view, and what you can expect:

  • Advantages of buying at auction
  • Advantages of selling at auction
  • Buying: Auction day
  • Selling: Auction day

Property auctions have become increasingly popular with both buyers and sellers – whether theyre owners, occupiers, developers or investors.

Click here to download the RICS guide to Auctions

There are a lot of other guides on there, so it may well be worth your while to go onto their website and have a look around: http://www.rics.org/consumerguides

Let me know if you find these resources useful.