Resistance is Futile! By Yvonne Emery

I apologise to all those who aren’t Star Trek fans, but I’m reminded when I speak to my clients of ‘The Borg’.  They were a race who assimilated every new technology they came across.  They soaked it up like a sponge and moved on, updated and better than they were before.


Once they had captured their prey the robot like voice repeated ‘Resistance is futile’ – i.e. don’t bother trying to fight back.

We ought to be like ‘The Borg’ in this respect.  We are seeking a better status in life, more success, better understanding or even just a more fulfilling life – so what goes wrong?

We have many means of absorbing information – reading; listening; watching; attending seminars; browsing websites; exchanging information etc, and yet there seems to be absorption going on and no moving forward.

Perhaps we move forward a little bit, or for a short period of time, but like kicks back in and we become distracted – oh that we were mere robots!

I’ve been reading “Little Voice Mastery” by Blair Singer, one of the Rich Dad advisors and he describes RESISTANCE as the thing that stands between the ‘who you are now’ and the ‘who you could be’.

The only thing stopping you is…… YOU!  Yes, you know that, OK, so what am I going to do about it?

Firstly – do you want to do anything about it?

Secondly – If you did something about it how would you deal with the result?

Finally – If you allowed yourself to be unique and excellent how would you know that your resistance was dwindling?  Do you want to do anything about it?

Seminars always seem like a good idea at the time, but often fall short of our expectations.  They can buoy us up in the short term but it doesn’t last long – a bit like a sugar rush from a Snickers bar.

The best example I have of seminars and courses that really worked was when I wanted to achieve a qualification, for example my ‘A’ Levels, University, Post Grad Diploma and my Coaching accreditation.  So what was different?

There was a distinct measure of success – pass or fail – at the end of the course.  I was given tasks to achieve over the period of study and feedback on how I was doing by having assignments marked.  I was also among other students all studying for the same qualification, but this distinction wasn’t as important as a couple of those courses were self-managed.  However, even when I worked on my own with guided structure I exceeded my own expectations and continued to keep myself on track.

What is different for most of us when we are considering building our own property investment portfolio is that we have the teaching sessions from the Guru, but not the exercises and feedback to assess your progress.  Whatever course or seminar we attend, we are no longer given specific instructions to follow, but only the guidelines.

There is nothing wrong with this, it just doesn’t fit in with the way we have been taught to learn, take action and achieve the goal of a qualification.

If we want to achieve a qualification, we sign up for the course, we attend the classes, we do the homework, which is handed in and marked.  We are able to tell if will pass along the way as well as at the end of the course itself.

The ‘want to do it’ is there, and is FACILITATED by the detailed structure of the course.

For most property courses you will have to build your own structure yourself and that is why the desire to ‘do it’ is not enough to see you through to success. If you did something about it how would you deal with the result?

How would you feel about passing an ‘A’ Level or even GCSE exam?

Would you be happy with a ‘C’ grade, or would you be aiming for an ‘A*’?

Just suppose for a moment that you were set specific goals on a monthly basis to achieve, to write about and to take action on – do you think you would accomplish more?  Would you hand in the homework as evidence that you had taken action and that you had understood?

If the incentive of gaining a qualification was sufficient then you would take that action.  In addition you would be proud of yourself for your achievement.

So what happens when we leave the world of academia or even work and set goals for ourselves?

Is it just that we are afraid of achieving a result?  The past evidence doesn’t indicate that.

Is it fear of what other people might think?  If you trained to be a Doctor, you wouldn’t be embarrassed about your success.

Is it lack of understanding of what is expected of you?  The clear and specific rules and goals are no longer available so this could give you a big clue as to how to re-order your goal of building a property portfolio or business.

  1. If you allowed yourself to be unique and excellent how would you know that your resistance was dwindling?

For a goal to feel of value to you then it needs to have been established by someone (usually someone else) and it needs to be achievable.


Achievable usually means that someone else has done it first.  That doesn’t mean that just because a few people have climbed Mount Everest that the only way to succeed at climbing is to reach that summit.  And herein lies the biggest clue as to why success is less clear when it comes to property investment and portfolio building –

We set our sights too high and forget to reward ourselves for achieving each step along the way.

You are unique and if you look backwards you will find a time in your life when you have done something excellently.  You may have had a bad response to that achievement from someone, which would ultimately knock you back, but if you are really honest you know you did really well.

So don’t try to be anything other than unique in the world of property.

There is no such thing as:

  • The right number of properties for a successful investment portfolio
  • The right yield
  • The right cash-flow
  • The right number of bedrooms
  • The right solicitor or broker to use
  • The right course to go on  etc., etc.

You are going to have to make the course up yourself.  You are going to have to be the modulator and be consistent with marking that homework.  You will also have to provide your own rewards when you get the desired results.  Why?



You will know your resistance is dwindling when you start to set yourself a goal one step at a time and reward yourself when you achieve it.

Think of your portfolio one property at a time so that you will know when that purchase is achieved.

You can focus on one thing consistently from start to finish.

  • Build the deposit or the deal funds
  • Get that offer accepted
  • Work through the process of purchase to completion
  • Manage the tenants
  • Collect the rent

Once the process is working then you have completed that section of your goal (your very own course or seminar).


Ok, I can hear you saying this is very basic, and if you have already achieved this several times then what can you learn from this?

Do it again and again.  The fact that you have achieved it once means you can do it again, and keep doing it.  Each time you do this is becomes easier.

There is nothing more sophisticated about building a portfolio than the next purchase and the next.  The difference is that sometimes the process changes and you have to rethink how you are going to achieve the next purchase.

If you are truly going to be the unique and excellent person you are meant to be then RESISTANCE is FUTILE – you are going to be very frustrated if you don’t set aside time to learn that new process, that new system and then go out and use it.

Be persistent and write your own course to follow.  No game is played without rules, and there is always a final whistle which tells you how you’ve done.  If you blow that whistle for yourself once a month then you will very quickly see how much progress you are making in the property market.

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