A well-manicured lawn is an absolute must when you’re selling a property – it frames the house and can make the difference between it looking sharp or simply forgotten.

While a well-kept yard is a great first-impression maker, there are some landscaping tricks that can actually raise the value of your property. Statistics have shown that a great landscape might even tip the scales by as much as 11 per cent!

Here are some easy landscaping ideas that will help you:

Shape Your Landscape

Contour – a crisp line is the fastest way to make something – anything – look organized, planned and modern. If your house has clearly defined lines, a contoured garden will highlight the architecture. Some helpful tools to achieve this are

  • Geometric fences
  • Straight edged lawns and stone or concrete paths
  • Well – cut hedges
  • Clearly defined flower beds

Maintenence and drought-friendly

  • Native and drought-resistant plants are becoming all the rage. They will make the landscaping look modern, but also cut down the maintenance.
  • Water-hungry plants and flowers will require constant maintenance, so skip them when preparing your property for sale.
  • Make sure any old leaves or grass cuttings are cleaned up.

Pick the right garden buildings

  • A shed will help you organize tools and can add to property value
  • A greenhouse isn’t only for hardcore gardeners – you can beautify garden space with an English Victorian-style greenhouse and have it play the role of a tea room – the infographic below will help you choose the perfect type of greenhouse for your space
  • A garden office makes an exciting possibility for those homebuyers to work at home – if you make this space a secluded green refuge, this might tip the scales in your favour.

Quick solutions

  • Put plants in planters around the doors for the immediate feel
  • Add good lighting for night viewing
  • Set up some garden furniture to give your space a welcoming feel
  • If you have a front gate, think about a quick paint job
  • Consider a fake lawn solution if you expect the house to be on the market for a while. It might be cost – effective.

Street Appeal Tips

If you’re a buyer, chances are that you have seen three properties that day, or you’re only doing a quick “drive-by”. The immediate street appeal is also very important. Remember that front yards play a huge role in that. Here are some of our quickest suggestions for boosting that street appeal quickly:

  • Get new house numbers. New shiny letters and numbers or sleek sans-serif modern ones can boost the “feel” of your house
  • Power wash any lawn or garden furniture. If you already have garden furniture, make sure it sparkles. A fresh coat of paint might also do the trick.
  • Throw out your old garden flamingos – sometimes, the things that we have gotten used to and no longer see are the first thing that others notice. If you have any ancient lawn sculptures now is the time to say goodbye