Here is part 2 of the article that we published last week.

Part 2: How and where to find private investors with money to invest [in You]

You can download a full JV Blueprint Report here

In response to my recent article on the JV structures for Property Investors, here is a resource of where to find your private or angel investors.

Before you rub shoulders with millionaires, it is essential to know what you are looking for exactly. If you are looking for a chalk and cheese JV, or a business partner, it is not just about finding people with money

I have a whole host of content on striking chalk and cheese JVs on the Progressive Property Masterclass [DISC & VAKAd], for this article I am going to give you resources for finding cash and funding from private investors.

[You can also download a full JV Blueprint Report here]

All of the examples below are strategies successfully used by Progressive and our students: so dont dismiss ANY of them – ladies: youll know what I mean

1. Family – many of the investors on our £10,000 per year VIP Property Millionaires Club have started with their close family, with great success. You can assess how resistant/open-minded they are and use on of the structures in my previous article to best sell your proposition and reduce the risk

2. Early Inheritance – a variation on the above: money that family will eventually die on and not see the benefits of, and money that you or close family will be paying IHT on can be used much more effectively to the equal benefit of the private investor and you, the investor

3. Business Angel Networks – in no other room will you rub shoulders with so many millionaires per square foot! LBA is our favoured one that we attend regularly, and there will be business angel investing events across the country. Get there, go regularly, apply as an investor and network away

4. Charity Balls – a great place to meet wealthy people. It will be clear where the money is, and as the drinks flow and egos rise, opportunities to build relationships increase

5. Flying Clubs – Mark and I fly the helicopter and are members of a flying club, and we get to spend time with many people who are also very well off indeed. If you dont fly it doesnt have to stop you. Get a Bomber Jacket, some stitch on wings and go and have a cup of tea: all flying clubs Ive been to are very welcoming

6. Property Networking Events – Because private investors cant get returns on cash in the bank, theyre out there actively looking for investments. Property is a favoured investment class of most businessmen and Entrepreneurs and so youll find many undercover private investors at property networking events across the country

7. Progressive Property Events – We actively promote JVs at all of our Events, and as a result we attract many private investors. In fact we have had many millionaires and 2 billionaires at our 1 day events – keep coming back and meet new JV partners

8. Dating Websites [!] – One of our students [who swears this was an upside benefit and NOT a strategy!] in her single days would subscribe to the high end dating sites, carefully select the profile of the people she would want to meet, making sure they met the criteria she was looking for

9. Lifestyle Management/Concierge – Using a specialist lifestyle management service will enable you to get into the best events, restaurants and social occasions where higher net worth individuals will frequent

10. Business Networking Events – Tap into the world of business and network with people who have profits to invest

11. Property Membership Sites – Sometimes you have to look right in front of you  Multiple JVs are done on this site every week and one of the reasons we set up the site in the first place

12. Launches, Functions & Openings – Think where wealthy people may regularly go and be, and spend time there building contacts and relationships

So when you go out and get results in these areas let me know

Plus if youve had any results yourself in different areas: please do let us know.

Rob and Mark

P.S. [Don’t forget you can also download a full JV Blueprint Report here]