Since 2003, the property investors network has provided a positive, inspirational and supportive environment in which you can learn how to become a more successful property investor. They now have almost 50 monthly meetings all over the UK.  You can see a complete list of events in the Just Do Property events calendar.

They don’t sell property. They just teach people how to be more successful investors. How to invest with knowledge, and invest with skill, to minimise the risks and maximise their return.

There is something for everyone at the pin networking meetings no matter what your level of property investing experience. From research they conducted, from 879 investors at 33 of their meeting locations, they found that 30% of their meeting attendees had zero investment properties and 20% of attended had 8 or more investment properties. 30% had 1 to 3 properties and 20% had 4 to 7 properties.

How can their networking meetings benefit you? By regularly attending you will:

  • Add to your existing property investing knowledge and skills
  • Save yourself, time, money and effort by learning from other investors / landlords.
  • Build up your personal contacts in the property world
  • Gain access to a positive supportive environment
  • Keep up to date with changes in the market and legislation