UK Property Networking Events on a Calendar view

Since launching in January, both Julie and I have been keen to ensure that the website never stands still. We aim to build the website with more inf0rmation and more functionality to help fellow property investors to get going and to build their portfolios. We have already announced a number of new mentors for the website and have more to come. We are also working hard on some new functionality to further enhance what is already available.

We already provide a FULL list of events via our Google Calendar which anyone can subscribe and display this on our website in a Calendar/Diary view. This is accessible via “UK Events Calendar” on the bottom toolbar, or via “UK Events Calendar” via the “Just Education” menu option.

UK Property Networking Events in a List View

However to further solidify ourselves as the most comprehensive and accurate source of Property Networking Events we have introduced a new list format. This uses the same Google Calendar but displays the events in a full list of information that people can browse and search.

This list is available via “UK Networking Events List” option of the “Just Education” menu.

As we hold this information in a Google Calendar and have these new tools available, we can also share this with other website admins and users, so if you would like to have the Definitive List of UK Property Networking Events on your website drop us a line: