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There are lots of things to think about and its important that you do things right.  Learn from others who have made mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones!  Access our Expert Panel to connect with our experts for free of charge advice.  

The fundamentals of property investing are the nuts and bolts of your business. Ensuring that you have a great team around you will help towards your success. 

Understanding the legal aspects of buying a property and having a great conveyancing solicitor in place is really important. Also having access to the right finance is the key to securing those great deals once you find them.

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Buy to Let Tax Changes Summary

  The Telegraph have produced a useful summary which gives details of the buy to let tax changes and mortgage interest relief.     
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Rent Hikes Loom!

  It's been reported this week that a million landlords will raise rents in order to beat the government's tax crackdown next year.  From April 2016 the buy-to-let investors will see the tax relief on their mortgage interest cut from a maximum 45 per cent to just 20 per cent.  Over the next 5 years the tax changes will be implemented and will make properties less profitable for those investors with a mortgage. Research has found that more than a million landlords plan to raise their rents next year. Around two thirds of the landlords who took part in the survey said they are going to increase rents next year.  David Smith, of the RLA, says: 'We warned the Government this would happen if it cut interest rate tax relief.' Last week in a case led by Cherie Blair, CBE the Administrative Court refused permission to proceed with a full...
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  We were saddened to hear this news this afternoon, but on a positive note the fight will continue. Commenting on the High Court decision to the refuse permission for a Judicial Review of Section 24 of the Finance Act, Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer at the National Landlords Association (NLA) said: “This decision is ultimately disappointing not just for landlords, but for the tenants who will see their rents rise as a consequence of the changes to landlord taxation. “While we have never been convinced that there was a solid enough legal case to overturn George Osborne’s decision, we hoped the Courts would be prepared at least to listen to the arguments.  “We congratulate Steve, Chris and the campaign team on their determination, perseverance, and their success in raising awareness and increasing the visibility and understanding of what will be a dramatic change to the ability of hard working...
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Landlords fight back with Cherie Blair!

  There have been some interesting headlines this week relating to landlords and property investing.   Here is the news in brief: 1.8 million new rental homes needed by 2025 to keep up with current demand 58% of RICS Estate Agents have seen a drop in buy to let sales since April 2016  86% of landlords have no plans to increase their rental portolio UK households renting doubled from 2.3m in 2001 to 5.4m in 2014 Landlords fight back with Cherie Blair   The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) reported this week that the Government must urgently deliver 1.8 million new rental homes for UK families, as new figures show a sharp drop in the number of available properties. New figures show an ailing rental sector that cannot keep up with predicted demand. RICS have reported that 86% of landlords have no plans to increase their rental portfolio this...
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Landlords are getting a double whammy according to Kate Faulkner

  There was an interesting interview on BBC Breakfast this morning with Kate Faulkner about rental property shortage, Section 24 and other tax restrictions. 2 million extra households will be needed by those looking to rent by 2025 and according to RICS a lot of rental properties are owned by private landlords who have 1 or 2 extra houses.  There is currently not enough supply for the demand. The interview discusses the extra 3% stamp duty introduced in April 2016 and the fact that this morning Estate Agents are reporting a 60% drop in buy to let sales since the introduction of this extra tax. Kate Faulkner discussed how landlords are being beaten up – they're seen as greedy landlords, but they're actually just delivering a service. As well as the stamp duty, there is a general increase in taxes.  A landlord can currently deduct the mortgage interest off the rent....
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