Managing a home environment

It’s natural to feel somewhat stressed at work but a new study has revealed something that causes us to feel it even more than being in the office: chores. A study by Hoppy, an innovative home management system, found that 75% of workers feel unhappy in their home environment.

Running a home isn’t easy and 36% said that keeping it tidy was tough whilst other felt short on storage space. There’s also a ten-hour difference between the amount of housework men and women do each month (37.7 for men and 47 for women).

The unequal split of time doing shores was cites as a trigger for arguments in relationships, with some considering moving out or even getting divorced! Hoppy propose a number of solutions to ease any chore-related tension by keeping expectation realistic, dividing and conquering the chore list as well as letting tech help to manage the trickier aspects of running a home. Check out the Hoppy infographic below for more interesting insights.

Hoppy Infographic

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