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The world of tiles is a wonderful place, full of vibrant colours and various styles. As one of the oldest decorating accessories it’s no surprise that we love them so much, in fact these days tiles are so much more than a finish to the floor. So we've teamed up with the chimps from Tile Monkey to discuss a few of our favourites.            


Just like us, tiles are no longer conforming to society, in fact “be there or be square” need not apply any longer - here comes the new wave, hexagons! The beauty of hexagonal tiles is that they can combine inspiration from past designs and yet appear modern and contemporary at the same time, for example vintage patterns can be printed on the shape to create a futuristic but classic look. Hexagon tiles can be used for both floors and walls, whether you’re looking to create a stunning feature or cover a whole area this shape is a perfect way to get guests talking. Hexagon tiles have seen a surge in popularity over the last 3 years and it shows no signs in slowing as more and more people are jumping on this trend.


Another trend that seems to have risen from the dead is patterned tiles and thank heavens they have - we love them! Hugely popular due to an increased use by interior designers and bloggers all over the world, there’s big love for their aristocratic appearance and exotic designs. These said designs add a sense of fun to the room as well as depth, making a statement has never been so easy. So if you consider yourself to be a bit of a bohemian then why not mix and match with various patterns to ensure your room really has the wow factor!


Taking inspiration from the underground subway stations of London and NYC, metro tiles are ideal for creating a neutral and balanced look whilst grabbing the attention of all who lay their eyes upon them. Their neatness and uniformed appearance transform a room and are by no means boring, in fact quite the opposite. There are a lot of ways in which you can play with these tiles, but using a darker grout to a lighter shade tile often contributes to a bolder more standout effect. Due to the subtleness of this style there’s no such thing as overdoing it, they can be used for an entire wall or if you would prefer to keep it simple; a nice kitchen backsplash.


You may associate mosaic tiles with Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire but don’t worry - they’re still as mighty when installed around the home. A lot of mosaic tiles are made from glass these days, which is a great material due to it’s light-reflecting properties (this can make a room appear bigger), although it is important that we stress not all mosaic tiles are made of glass and other materials are available. A huge part of the appeal towards mosaic tiles is the intricacy of them, it makes them appear almost delicate such an appearance can lead people to believe that installing mosaic tiles is a long complex procedure but this isn’t the case, in fact installation is just as quick and easy as other tiles.

Natural Stone:

Possibly one of most beautiful options available on the market, natural stone tiles are a solid choice for any home - literally! There are a lot of variants when it comes to natural stone tiles but the main ones seem to be marble, terracotta, slate, limestone and travertine; all of which hold their own unique qualities. Collectively natural stone tiles are renown for their beauty, durability and versatility, of course each material has its own properties but they share a lot that are similar. For example natural stone tiles are a lot better suited to bathroom areas because they are less slippery than ceramic and other materials. Aside of this they are also great insulators, this means that they help to keep your home warm in the winter but cool in the summer - winner!

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