In a post-credit crunch, post-recession world, property has fallen out of favour for many people and they have forgotten what a great investment it can be. Seize this opportunity to educate them about how things are now, and how they can capitalise on that.

It might be that up until now, you’ve only thought about investing in property, but there is a great deal of money to be made in educating others in how to do that.

With an increase in house prices of 6% to June this year (Halifax) and a predicted recovery in the economy over the next two years (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) now is the time to start educating people in how they can make money in the property niche. If you are not already speaking about property, what’s stopping you? If you already use speaking as part of your marketing mix, are you seeing good conversions from it?

Many of those who are well known in property in the UK are well known precisely because they speak. You’ll soon find that if you speak, you will attract opportunities you previously hadn’t even dreamed of. Even making YouTube videos will put you in front of a much wider audience. I’ve just been asked to be an expert on a “In a nutshell” series: videos that are 2-minutes long and explain an idea, well, in a nutshell. Could you do something similar?

Whether you are just thinking about speaking, or are already educating people, you must learn the essential skills of speaking. Unless you are able to engage an audience, they will soon switch off, or worse, drift off! You need strong talk structures so you can move through a talk easily and you understand what all the parts of the talk are intended to do for you at any given moment. On top of that great structure, you need to find your own style, so that the audience believes in you as a person, which is going to be their number one reason for investing in you.

Speaking is superb way to engage with people. Imagine having a queue of people waiting to speak to you! It’s so much more effective than networking, where you will only ever meet a handful of people. When you speak, you reach the whole room at once. This means everyone feels they know you and are more likely to recommend you. Your audience is your best sales force.

Speaking is the fastest, most effective way of getting your message across. It’s also low-cost compared to other marketing tools. It does take some time to prepare well and to go out and deliver, but why wouldn’t you want to be face-to-face with people who want to hear what you have to say? Speaking allows you to do market research on the spot and to answer their questions, worries and objections right there and then.

If you’ve been speaking for a while, is it time to up your game? Would you like to speak in bigger spaces, to new audiences, or mix with some world-class speakers? Speaking is such a great journey: it is as much a lifestyle choice as a job once you start to get paid to speak. If you have the right strategy, that serves both your business and personal objectives, speaking can be an extremely enjoyable way to spend your time.

 I just want to reassure you that you don’t have to be born a good speaker to give this a go: one of my first clients was Chris Wood and I think it’s fair to say he was shy, awkward and didn’t have the gift of the gab! But with a bit of coaxing from me and the security of having a great structure to work from, he now speaks at least twice a month and puts on his own seminars. He says, “Just want to say big thanks again: having not really done any public speaking before I met you, last weekend I went to Birmingham to host 7 seminars on internet marketing and social media at an international tradeshow!


My seminars got the highest turnout and I get loads of great comments afterwards…but more importantly, I made a real effort to put across the need and offers and it paid off. One business signed up straight away to get the full offer and others are definitely considering for the partial offer and said they would come back to me by the required date. So that was great!!


I still cant believe Im doing this as no way would I be doing it a year and half ago. And now I cant stop getting a buzz from it!

So have I convinced you that speaking is the next step in your exciting journey? I hope so.

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