As we head into the new year and decade, many of us want a change. One of the main places we want to do this is the home. But, what to do? 

If you’re struggling, we’ve highlighted some of 2020s biggest interior trends to get you started below. 

Environmentally conscious materials 

As we know, the talk around climate change and global warming have hit fever pitch in 2019, and this looks set to be reflected within our interiors as we move into 2020. 

With fashion brands coming under fire consistently for their contribution towards global warming throughout the last few years, homeware brands are now looking to do what many of those brands haven’t by championing environmentally conscious materials. This can be seen in the rise of bioplastics, which are a type of biodegradable plastic, derived from biological substances. So, if you’re looking to incorporate green credentials into your home like many renovators are, these are the materials you’ll be looking for. 

Curves and arches 

This is something that’s been creeping into our home interiors over the last few years. But, as we move into 2020, it looks as though curves and arches are about to be one of the biggest themes this year. 

If you happen to be having a home designed, or you’re looking at getting in an architect to re-design your home, arches and curves are the way to go. Opting for walls and windows that have softer, feminine edges, will help to create a new looks which challenge traditional structural boundaries of the home, without losing any of the clean lines we’ve become accustomed to. 

However, if this is something you can’t afford, don’t worry as you can bring this style into your home through the décor. Whether you opt for mirrors that are circular, rounded coffee tables, dressing tables and stools or pillows and photo frames, it’s easy to bring a new curve or arch to your home. 


What? We hear you ask. Well, terrazzo is one of the biggest design trends about to dominate our homes. Rising consistently over the last few years, 2019 truly saw it cement itself as a new interior sensation. 

But what is it? Well, it’s a composite material that’s made from a number of materials, which could include quartz, glass, granite, shell or marble chips. 

Offering a striking look, which can come in many colours and combinations, it’s largely been used for bathroom splashbacks but looks set to take on the worlds of kitchen counters, flooring, wall features and even stairs as we head into 2020. 

Bright colours 

While you may love your muted colours, the new decade is the time to embrace a splash of colour, as striking palettes are in. 

With the most popular colours expected to be spicy pink, peacock blue and merlot, things are about to get fabulous. 

Even if you don’t love colour, you can still introduce them through the odd feature wall or accessories such as pillows, throws and even the odd lampshade. 

And there you have it, the designs expected to take your home by storm this year. So, don’t delay and get decorating.

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