Landlord legislation has become somewhat of a minefield, with a new report proving that the number of laws creating an obligation on private landlords has increased by 32% since 2010. According to the data from the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), the total number of regulations affecting landlords has increased to 156 up from 118

That’s a lot to keep tabs on! The RLA is warning however that the increase in legislation has not led to an improvement in enforcement action and many councils are failing to enforce action against criminal landlords. Instead of introducing yet more new legislation, the RLA is calling on all political parties in the election to commit to improving enforcement of the powers already available.

The lack of crack-down on enforcing penalties on landlords is good news for those who like to cut corners, and many will inevitably become tempted not meet tenants requirements and follow legislation as they know they might be able to get away with it. For the majority of landlords who feel strongly about doing a good job and looking after their tenants, it looks like it’s partially down to them to know their duties and responsibilities. 

To test whether a landlord is a stickler for the protocols and procedures or whether they need to brush up on their knowledge, CIA Landlord Insurance have created a quiz and a downloadable guide on the latest landlord legislation. The quiz consists of 15 questions and takes the user through everything from fire safety, property damage, screening tenants, landlord tax and more. These are all aspects that landlords really need to be on top of. Failing to meet fire safety standards and rejecting a tenant on a reason that could be discriminatory could leave you with fines and/or legal complications. 

Click here to take CIA’s landlord legislation quiz.

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