The dark nights are finally here, which means we get to enjoy the warmth and comfort of our homes without worrying about the cold winter weather outside. However, keeping our homes safe and secure is now a constant concern. With the dark long nights leaving us anxious about potential intruders and burglars, it’s no wonder that homeowners are looking for ways to secure their homes and give themselves a little peace of mind.

Wondering how you can sleep better at night? Check out these 5 tips for making your property secure this winter.

Invest in outdoor lighting

Keeping the outside of your property well lit with outdoor security lights will certainly improve the security around your home. Not only do these outdoor lights make it very difficult for potential intruders to hide, but it also means you can see what’s going on outside. Not only that, but if a thief sees a property that is well lit and doesn’t provide any cover or hiding places, then they’re less likely to try their luck. You can invest in sensor lights or go for traditional outdoor lights.

Lock those doors!

You’d be amazed at the amount of homeowners who forget or simply don’t bother to lock their front doors! Take a look at your front and back doors and check them for damage, ensure that the hinges are in good condition and that the door frames look strong and sturdy. It’s a good idea to check your letter box too…could someone reach through and unlock your front door? Consider installing a letter cage around it for peace of mind. You can also reinforce your doors by installing a deadbolt, a strike plate or potentially updating your locks to smart ones. If you want to see who is coming and going at your front door throughout the day then consider a video doorbell.


The simplest way to deter a thief is to let them know that they’re being watched. Investing in high quality surveillance equipment around your property will give you peace of mind and make any thief think twice. Make sure that you have the correct signage that informs anyone on your property that they are being filmed.

Place your WI-FI on lockdown

The way criminals work is getting more and more sophisticated and gaining access to your wireless network gives potential thieves and fraudsters access to all your personal and financial information, with potentially devastating consequences. If you have home security gadgets or automation then if your home network is breached then your property is vulnerable. Consider installing a firewall and secure your wireless router. Use strong and varied passwords for everything. Install anti-virus software (don’t just ignore the updates!) and rename and hide your home network.

Make sure there is nowhere to hide

Eliminating the hiding places around your property will deter any potential thieves or crooks. Keep the exterior of your property neat and tidy, and cut back any overgrown hedges or bushes. Lock all your outdoor buildings and don’t leave anything of value on show.




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