Whether you’re trying to entice a potential new buyer or you’re hoping to find the right tenants for your property, making your home seem appealing and potentially the home that new owners have been searching for can seem tricky.

Should you redecorate? Or just tidy up? How can I give my home kerb appeal without blowing more money on the property? Well, if you’re wondering where to start – don’t worry, here you’ll find some super simple ways you can make your property stand out from the crowd on the market and give your home instant kerb appeal.

New doors

The exterior of your property needs to be inviting and set a precedent for the rest of the house. So, if your front door is a little worse for wear or is in need of some TLC, then you need to consider replacing them. Companies like Pirnar specialise in beautiful entrance doors, and you’ll be surprised at the difference a good, high quality and stylish front door can make to your property.

Fix all those little things

Sometimes a little bugbear might make or break a decision. So, what might seem like a minor inconvenience to your, could be a major contributing factor for someone else, especially if they have lots of other properties vying for the top spot. That broken door handle in the bathroom, those crack bathroom tiles, the sealant around the kitchen sink that is discoloured, even dead spots on the grass outside. Go round each room in turn and see what little issues you can spot, then spend some time fixing them. Try to see the property through the potential buyers eyes – they’ll spot everything!

Keep it clean and keep it that way!

Whether you’re someone who enjoys and works hard to keep their home neat and tidy or you prefer a “lived in look” there’s nothing more important that to make sure your property is tidy and clean. Clearing your clutter is one thing, but those grimy windows, filthy staircases and debris covered carpet won’t cut it in comparison to the spotless property down the road. So, be prepared to do a lot of cleaning and try your best to keep it that way. Depending on how bad things are you could hire someone to complete a deep clean of your property first.


Potential buyers don’t want to see the clown ornament collection that your great aunt left you, they want to see clear surfaces and the potential the property has. So, keep clutter to a minimum. Either choose some creative storage solutions and try to keep things out of sight (not an easy feat) or place things in storage.

Go neutral

A home that is over-personalised can sometimes be off putting. A clean, clear and neutral canvas allows potential buyers or renters to see how their own lives could fit into the space. By opting for neutral colours you’ll be appealing to more people.