Bank of EngalndThe Bank of Englands “Money and Credit” statistics for December 2013 were released today. In the they report on the amount of lending secured on dwellings and have shown an increase .

Key Facts:

  • Lending secured on Dwellings was up by £1.7 bn, which was a large growth in comparison to the 6 month average of £1.1bn.
  • Gross lending secured on dwellings was £17.6 bn, with repayments on £15.7 bn

Within these statistics are also figures around the Mortgage Approvals during the period. The number of loan approvals for purchases was 71,638 – again up by quite a bit on the 6 monthly average of 65,001.

The number of loans for remortgaging purposes was 34,754 which was relatively unchanged from the 6 month average.