Im really looking forward to attending the Week 6 webinar of the Lead Generation Success Online Course tonight  This is run by Andy Phillips and Dave Lyons.

They have covered so much in the last 5 weeks.  Internet Marketing can be a minefield but they have broken each stage down and simplified it so well.

We started with product isolation and creating multiple on ramps to your business. They showed us how to go through a product definition mindmap to really look at your product offering and focus down on the USPs.

Keyword research using google was also covered in-depth, going through the process of identifying your key words, then using them in SEO hotspots, anchor text and domain names.

Last week we started on abudance marketing which showed how to occupy the same space as your client and be recognised as an authority.   Tonight will be abundance marketing part 2, as there is so much to cover, its been broken down into 2 weeks.

I really do think this course is such great value for money.  Not only do you get the webinars, but you get access to the members dashboard. From here you can listen to any of the webinars again, download key resources and ask any questions.

There are so many resources that they give away.  This morning Andy sent out a great guide to twitter, so I thought other people might find it useful.

If you want more information on Andy and Daves Internet Marketing Success course then just Click Here.