When a landlord or tenant of a Regulated tenancy has objected to the rent assessed by the Rent Service the case will be passed to a Rent Assessment Committee to decide the Fair rent.

Tenants with assured tenancies may also apply to the RAC for a determination of the open market rent they should be paying. They may also apply if the landlord serves notice of a proposed rent increase. Tenants with assured shorthold tenancies may also apply within the first six months of their tenancy.

Rent assessment committees are made up of two or three people a solicitor a property valuer and a lay person all of whom are drawn from panels of people with appropriate expertise.

There are 14 rent assessment panels in England and Wales appointed by the Government. The rents they set will be the legal maximum that can be charged for one year from the date of the decisions after which an application for an increase can be made. Relevant forms are available from the Rent Service website

Synonym = RAC