You might be looking at your living room and thinking that you’d like to freshen the décor. Even elegant, tasteful, or cheerful living rooms can begin to look stale, worn, or dated over time. But you might not want to invest the time or money into a full renovation. You’re not stuck with your boring living room, though. By making a few simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy changes, you can dramatically change the look of your living room.

Make It Feel Bigger

If your living room is seeming a bit cramped, you can make it seem bigger by getting rid of furniture that’s too large for the space. A bulky curio cabinet can take up a lot of space, and the room will seem larger when you don’t have wall-to-wall furniture. Swap the cabinet out for some floating shelves. You can also get rid of overstuffed couches and chairs that are too big for the room by replacing them with sleeker versions. There are plenty of options that take up less space but are very comfortable, such as the luxury Ekorne recliners you’ll find at You can also add mirrors, which will make the room seem bigger. The mirrors that you choose need to be tall enough that you can see your entire body in them and at least a few feet wide, otherwise they won’t make enough of an impact in most rooms.

Let in More Light or Add Some Privacy

The types of window treatments that you need for your living room can vary greatly depending on the needs of the room. You might have thought that you would love those blackout curtains that you bought last spring, but in the winter, you might be in need of more light. Heavy drapes can also make a small room feel cramped and old. If you have sheer drapes even though your living room window faces a busy street, you might decide that you want to add roman shades to smaller windows and wood blinds to larger windows. You should choose your color scheme, window treatments, and furniture together to create a cohesive look.

Illuminate Dark Spaces

Along with letting more light in through the windows, changing out light fixtures that don’t put out enough light can upgrade your living room. If your current overhead fixture’s light beams don’t reach far enough, you can swap it out for a chandelier with several bulbs, track lighting, or recessed lights. For nooks where your current lighting isn’t reaching, you can add table and floor lamps.

Bring in Some Greenery

When you want to add some life to a living room, you should add a few plants. Not only do they look great when they’re maintained, but many species even make the air fresher. If you don’t have the greenest thumb, you should start with a spider plant. As long as you water them, they’re almost impossible to kill. Other varieties that you can try include peace lilies, English ivy, and orchids. You can buy a plant stand, or you can simply put them on a side table or in the middle of the coffee table.

Add a Rug

Whether you have carpets, hardwood, or tile flooring, many living rooms look better with an area rug and some rug runners. They’re also a great option if you have a spot on your carpet, a broken tile, or a scuffed area on your hardwood because they can hide the eyesore. Rugs are also an easy and inexpensive way to add some color and texture to an otherwise bland area.

When you want to freshen the appearance of your living room, you might feel like you don’t have any options if you don’t have the time or money to do a full renovation. You can, however, do small things, such as change the furniture and light fixtures, without breaking the bank. You can even spread your purchases out over the course of a year without having to live in the mess that a renovation causes. You can get a lot of sleek yet comfortable furniture at