This is another great video from Bizzibox. It’s a quick 5 minute interview with Sarah Beeny about how to sell your property development.

She is asked a series of questions and answers them in a succinct manner.

She discusses how you decide to sell or rent your property development. This is something that should be decided before you’ve even bought the property. How you develop the property will be very different depending on what you’re going to do with it and who your target market is.

Sarah also suggests researching on the internet before you put your property up for sale, so you know how much to ask for the property. It’s no good putting a silly price and expecting to get offers.

As Sarah has just launched her new site Tepilo this year, a pertinent question for her was how do I sell my property privately, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of this? She compared Estate Agents to Travel Agents, we tend to not use Travel Agents so much anymore. As we probably book our holidays online, we don’t need any expensive middlemen. The same with Estate Agents, if you can find a site which helps you to sell your property and offers advice then you don’t need an Estate Agent. This type of site sounds a bit like Tepilo (funnily enough).

Check out the full video below.