Building sites by their very nature are temporary until the structures have been completed. For some construction companies, that can make securing them a problem, as the normal methods of security are more permanent. Technology is helping with this problem, and here are a few reasons why building site security is important, and the best way to go about it.


As a building site owner, it is your responsibility to make sure it is left safe when the workers have all gone home. However, kids will be kids and they can see this as a place to have some fun. They could cause damage without meaning to or be pure vandals and purposely create problems for you. There is also the danger of one of them being seriously injured, so making your building site kid-proof is vital.

The law says that you must conduct your business in a safe manner and vandals could easily damage boundaries and make them unsafe.


Building sites often have a great deal of valuable equipment and this can be tempting for anyone who wants to steal tools, plant, and machinery. Temporary building site security done in an effective way can save you a fortune. Although your site may be insured, and any equipment can be replaced, it will still cost you more in increased insurance premiums next time they are due.

There is also the inconvenience of having equipment stolen. This can cause delays with the work and put your crew behind schedule.


Traditionally, a site would employ security guards to watch over it when it is not being worked on. They would walk around it perhaps every half hour or an hour and any would-be thieves would time their activities to when they knew the guards were not out. Also, guards could only look in one direction at a time, whereas good security will cover the whole site from all angles. Guards may also have difficulty accessing all areas of the site, which in effect leaves some of it unprotected.

CCTV has been used in the past as well, but its range is restricted. Although it is better than nothing, it is easy to disable a camera and for thieves to get away with whatever they want.

Effective Security

Effective building site security needs to cover the whole site and be monitored 24-hours a day. Alarms will sometimes deter would-be thieves and there should be alerts to let the monitoring team that an intrusion is happening. They can notify the police immediately as well as send their own personnel to the site to try and stop any theft or vandalism. The cameras need to have a range that reaches further than the usual CCTV, and will still work no matter how adverse the weather conditions get or how dark the night is.

Better to be Safe than Sorry

Good temporary building site security can save you money and hassle. It is far better to have good quality security from the beginning of the build. From the first day on-site, your materials and equipment could be at risk. Don’t let your site be compromised; secure it properly from the start.