A well-maintained garden is a major attraction when you are planning to buy or rent a property. If the landlord or the previous owners have taken care of the area around a house or flat, it really shows off the property and makes it more appealing. Of course, nature loves to take over, and even if you’re a keen gardener, the maintenance of grounds, particularly large gardens, takes a bit of work. Here are a few pointers to help you easily maintain your outdoor spaces.

Your first task is to survey the gardens so that you become familiar with what is there at the moment. If you’ve inherited an untamed jungle, then you may need to do some clearance initially. Piles of rubbish and garden waste will attract vermin, so it pays to move quickly, perhaps with the help of professionals who offer garden waste clearance services. In most cases, these companies will give your garden a thorough tidy up and remove the waste for appropriate disposal, leaving you with one less headache.

Once your garden is cleared, you will be better able to plan how you want it to look and function. Perhaps you’re interested in creating an area for sitting outside when the sun shines, or you’d like to plant some trees to provide additional shade? Do take advice about tree planting, however, as some species can grow very big very quickly and become a nuisance to you or to neighbours if they’re in the wrong place.

If you have inherited a mature garden, then you may want to take stock of the trees and shrubs that are well established, with a view to deciding whether you want to keep the layout. If you own the property, this isn’t a problem, of course. However, if you rent, you will have to negotiate with the landlord before making any changes.

Homeowners, as well as landlords who have multiple properties, need to regularly check any trees that may have become overgrown or diseased. The simplest way to do this is to have the gardens surveyed, and if you live in SW19, London or surrounding areas, you can easily get access to professional help from highly qualified tree surgeons in Wimbledon. Even if you live outside London, it’s important to make sure that you are using a company that follows the guidelines for care and efficiency to British Standard 3998.

Garden planting for low maintenance is relatively straightforward. There is a wide range of shrubs and ground cover that will basically look after itself, requiring only light pruning from time to time to remain tidy and orderly, yet providing wonderful colour and sometimes a delightful perfume. For spring flowers, consider several different varieties of Viburnum and Lonicera. For summer-flowering shrubs, you might want to try varieties of Weigela, Ceanothus and Philadelphus.

Hydrangea and Fuchsia are ideal for shady spots in your garden, while ground cover roses and ground cover clematis will keep weeding down to a minimum.