Sliding sash windows have slim frames and narrow glazing bars. These features are what yield the typical period look on many homes in the UK.

There are plenty of designs of these windows and even though people might think all windows are the same, most windows have different features.

It takes a keen eye to identify the best features so that you select a wonderful sash window that will serve you perfectly and for a long time.

Materials the Windows Are Made From

There are two main materials that sash windows can be made from. These include timber and uPVC timber alternative. Timber is available in two types, the traditional type that has a weights and cords operation or a modern type that has a spring balance operation.

Regardless of the type of timber sash windows you have installed by your sash window company, colours and styles of window can be customised to meet your requirements.

The advantage of timber is that it can be engineered to ensure it does not warp or twist during use. You can choose either softwood or hardwood windows. They all undergo a Microporous Teknos paint system to improve their attractiveness and strength.

The uPVC timber alternative windows are made from uPVC wrapped in a grained wood finish and are available mostly in satin finish white. Colours again can be customised depending on the choice of the user. The frames of timber alternative windows can either be welded or mechanically fixed to showcase a timber like a feel.

Movability and Quality of Windows

Many people don’t check the window panes movability. Sash windows should tilt for easy cleaning not just sliding. Sculpted profiles soften the appearance of the windows thereby improving the aesthetic standard.

Most quality windows come with multi-chamber profile strength, stability, and thermal conservation efficiency. The tilt arms are strong if they are made from steel.

Weak tilt arms might break easily and many force you to replace the whole window. Pretension spring balance should be available to allow for efficient opening and closing of windows.

Energy Saving Capability

The best modern windows are made with thermal conservation features. You should ask the manufacturer for such features. You wouldn’t like your home to be cold inside during cold weather which is why your windows must be thermal conservers.

It will also help to reduce heating as less will be needed inside your house during cold seasons. Once all the above features have been put into consideration, you can then select your size and style.

Remember a great window must give your home a unique look, should be fit well and have the perfect colours. Let your window dimensions have full consideration when making sliding sash windows so that you get perfect customised windows.

Are new sash windows different from the original ones?

While they can appear the same, modern sliding units aren’t the same as those installed during the Victorian era. You will realise that these units are still full of character, thanks to the slim sashes and frames. They also feature the latest glass and insulation solutions to provide the strong performance that every homeowner needs.


Take your time and examine all sash windows before you decide to buy. Put more emphasis on quality and features rather than just focusing on colours and appearance.

It is nice to have your windows made from scratch rather than buying readymade windows. Windows crafted for you will have all your intended features incorporated in them.