The value of your home can be a constant cause for concern. However, it’s worth remembering that, to some extent, the figures are in your control. Home values have and will continue to change significantly in 2019 across different parts of the country, especially due to influences like Brexit, so some say investing in your home’s value would be great. 

The good news is that improving your home can add value in the short and long term. This article will help you understand why.

Aesthetic updates

A home’s value can rise and fall on aesthetics alone. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to the details of things like colour schemes, design themes and room arrangements. Even the materials used on furniture can be quite revealing too in terms of quality and style. If you’re looking to add value, try to go for something smart but neutral; if it’s too ostentatious, you narrow the playing field of who would buy the property and thus lose value.

Of course, it’s not just about the inside either. Gardens matter greatly too, and it’s often one of the key items people assess in the search for their dream home. They need to be well-looked after, spacious and colourful to raise value, so make sure those demands are met. The more appealing everything is, the better.

Repairs and maintenance

Home improvements aren’t just about aesthetics. They also come into effect when your house is in a state of damage and disrepair. Obviously, keeping your home in a good condition will undoubtedly go a long way in persevering the peak value, so it’s important to ensure everything is clean and works properly both inside and out.

Leaking rooves, infestation, rewiring, missing roof tiles, faulty technology, sealing drafts and improving insulation will also go a long way in improving things here. If you feel positively under skilled in some of these areas, enlist the services of some quality builders to get everything ship shape. You’ll also need electricians and exterminators for faulty tech and infestations. There’s no job that’s too big for an expert, so give any of them a call if your DIY projects feel a bit too overwhelming.


Garages and lofts are great for storage space. However, not every homeowner is really a ‘storage’ kind of person. Many people use these areas sparingly, which is understandable, as not everyone likes to hoard old items and prefers to send them to the rubbish tip instead. Of course, then comes the dilemma of what to do with all the wasted space.

Well, garages and lofts can be converted into relaxing rooms or additional bedrooms. Once everything has been appropriately insulated and refurbished, these rooms can be repurposed into practically any kind of room you can imagine. This will obviously add value, because there’s simply more house to enjoy. Even if you love storage, if you get creative and economical with how you manage it all with shelves and drawers, then a conversion is still a viable way forward. 


Improving your home means everything gets rejuvenated and updated. It can add a new coat of paint in terms of aesthetics, or even just maintain the overall functionality of the property. If you cover all bases here, your problem-free home will soar in value!