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There are a million and one television shows to choose from when it comes to home DIY. They are filled with tips on how to create the impression of space, reduce the bills through insulation and, crucially, increase the value of the property. These shows can be great in giving you inspiration for your home, so spend some time watching them when they deal with homes which are similar to yours. To help you with the rest, we´ve compiled the best things to do here…

Speak to the professionals

Spend some time picking the brains of those in the industry. Ask them how to increase the value of your specific property. There will be some factors local to your situation that will be worth considering, such as the condition of your neighbour´s home. Also, hire a surveyor to check the underlying quality of the home. This will give you a good understanding of what needs to be done, beyond the superficial, and help you to confidently answer any questions the prospective buyer might have.

Paint and paint some more

One of the things you don´t need a professional to tell you is give the place a lick of paint. It´s cheapish, and highly effective in ramping up the ´wow´ factor when potential buyers step through the front door. Choosing neutral colours is vital, and white is good to give the impression of space in bathrooms and hallways.

Install double-glazing

The benefits are well-known, so the hard work is done for you. When the prospective buyer pulls up to your home, they will instantly see that replacing the windows is one thing they won´t have to do. That´s why double-glazing is estimated to add 10% to the value of your home, people see that the home is secure, insulated and modern. Speak to a professional company, such as Minster Windows for tips and advice on the best window solution for your home, as choosing the right style is essential and there are many different options to choose from.

Update the kitchen

Renovating the kitchen falls into the same class as installing double-glazing: it´s one job any potential buyer knows they won´t have to do. Again, style is everything, and the mantra must be modesty so be sure to choose clean lines and designs that will please even the fussiest of customers. While it can cause a lot of disruption when you´re still living there, installing a modern kitchen adds an average of around £5000 to the value of a home, so bear this in mind when splashing out on this renovation.