These are just a few items that I found in one of properties when our tenant had already checked out. There were quite a few other items but I won’t mention them in polite company!

It was rather annoying though as our letting agent had supposedly done the check out, however as he was checking out on Good Friday, they did it the day before.  This amazed me as they’d already given him his deposit back before really knowing whether the property was left in a fit state.  I understand that it’s very difficult to withhold tenants’ deposits now, but I still think it was crazy to check him out and give his deposit back before they had really done a final check.

The guy in the property was quite a young lad, so needless to say the property was filthy.  I had already managed to get a new tenant for the property through Tepilo – Sarah Beeny’s excellent new private sales site.  I instructed the letting agent to carry on with viewings until the references had checked out.   Unfortunately they had failed to tell us that the property was in a state and would require a good clean before doing viewings.  So we had nearly 2 weeks before we had a chance to see the property.  No viewings actually happened but needless to say nobody would have wanted to take the property in the condition that it was left in.

It’s so amazing that we had paid this letting agent for a full management service and we have been let down on so many occasions. They are really on the side of the tenant and don’t treat us as the client at all.  So we’ve decided to manage this property ourselves as we felt like we were paying for nothing.

However we’ve also found a great new letting agent in Stockport, called Purple Cow.  They have an amazing ‘can do’ attitude and really look after their clients too.  We will certainly be working with them in the future. If anybody would like their details please just leave a comment.

Has anybody else experienced bad service from their lettings agent? Wed love to hear your stories.