People often send us deals dressed up as “tremendous” and lined up as “a great catch”, enticing and exciting to part with precious £££s

But… you know what…?  with a little consideration and attention to each word of this short email (and perhaps you’ll even be tempted to click and watch the video clip that’s been crafted for you) you will clearly understand that “a great catch” is sometimes, disappointingly, a red herring.

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Before you secure your place for that, allow us to share a little more about good and bad deals.

As you study the numbers below, ask yourself,

“Is this a great catch, or a red herring?  Fresh lobster or three-week-old dressed crab?  Should I swallow it hook, line and sinker? Do I truly know its net worth?”

A little time invested in this case study will save you literally £housands – guaranteed!

So, here it is:

A nice semi-detached 2 bedroom with a small third office / box room not far from Northampton with Gardens at the back and parking. The house is in excellent order and boasts a new kitchen and bathroom (…baited breath?)… currently empty, the seller wants to move away from this family home

Market Value: £115,000

Mortgage £115,000
Option Price: £117,000
Option Term: 78 months max

Monthly mortgage payment: £350
(currently @ 3.5% tracker )
Market Rent: £550

Hooked?  Does it feel like a great catch, or is something fishy going on?

And what’s the ticket price?  £5,000 as an option fee… plus you have your legals and possibly seller legals to pay… another £1,100… Yes – there’s more to this than meets the eye.  Why is this deal not so swell?

Ask yourself: “Would I buy this deal?”

“How much equity do I have locked in?”

“What about the cashflow?”

“The house is empty. How soon can I find a tenant?”

“How fast will my cash-flow go (evaporate) when the base rate rises?”

Now to really learn good lessons from this and get what makes a deal a great catch – why not take a look at our short clip here?

What you will discover will save you £housands – guaranteed


Mark Jackson and Wendy Patton

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