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Whether you’re looking to spruce up a property before you sell it or make major upgrades to make your house more liveable after you’ve bought it, or if you just fancy a change, livening up a porch can make a home feel, well, more homely!

There are many different ways to upgrade a porch, and beyond the aesthetic benefits to taking action, there are important security, energy efficiency and value-adding elements to such a decision.

Large-Scale Upgrades Are the Most Important

You don’t have to spend a lot freshening up what usually is a very small space. In the UK as a whole, porches are usually very small spaces intended to provide simple cover from the elements and possibly some storage space.

Your porch is where the first impression of your house is formed. If you’re selling, consider the real possibility that most buyers will have decided whether they like a property before they step inside.

If you really want to upgrade this small but important area of your house, you should consider some key works that could provide significant benefits.

A New Front Door

Strictly speaking, this is not really part of the porch, but having a new front door put in place before updating the porch itself is a smart move. This is especially important if your porch uses sliding doors or has a heavily glazed design.

Not only will a new front door look a lot nicer framed by a brand new porch, but it will also show that your property is well protected and secure. Consistency is key when it comes to appearance as well as safety. It’s no good having an incredibly secure porch if your front door isn’t up to scratch.

In terms of entrance doors, there are a variety of options available at different price points. Although uPVC doors come in a very wide variety of finishes, timber doors are just as versatile and provide a hint of true class. Whether you live in London’s crowded concrete jungle or the windswept, idyllic and sparsely populated Isle of Ulva, a wooden front door will complement any property.

Upgrade to Triple Glazing

Adding an extra pane of glass to new windows means your energy efficiency levels will increase, making the property easier to heat, especially in the winter. Replacement windows are easily fitted by a local glazing company and will not cost the earth given how few windows usually make up a front porch.

Not only will upgrading in this way help keep the heat in your home, but if the property fronts onto a busy main road, the difference in sound insulation between double and triple glazing is also noticeable. This can be a particularly important selling point if you intend to put your property on the market soon.

Homes on busy roads often sell for less, even if the property benefits from being close to local bus routes and amenities. The primary reason for this is noise, so minimising the hum of traffic from outside can pay dividends when showing potential buyers around the house.

Security Is Paramount

Your porch is, of course, the entryway into your home. As such, it’s so important to make sure that the components used in its construction are of the highest quality

Regardless of what level of quality you wish to go for in terms of energy efficiency and noise reduction, you should pay attention to the various kitemarks that windows and doors come with.

It can often seem a dizzying mess of accreditations and awards, but if you dig a little deeper, you will find some very useful knowledge. Pay attention when a window salesperson is reeling off their various selling points, and don’t be afraid to stop them to ask them to explain in greater detail.

A little home research after they’ve left is also advisable. Are the kitemarks from a recognised tester like the BSI Group? Sometimes it doesn’t take long to separate what previously looked like two very similar quotes for similar products. Comparison is the home renovator’s greatest weapon!

It’s not just the case with doors — different windows have different locking systems and frame thicknesses, and build quality is a hard science — the lifespan of a well-built and well-installed window or door is far greater than one that lacks proper accreditation.