If you are renovating a property to sell, or you own properties that you rent out and are considering having electrical work done to refurbish the lighting, there are a lot of very good reasons why you should be designing the lighting for the properties using LED throughout. While you can normally switch to LED using existing fittings just by replacing existing conventional bulbs with equivalent LED bulbs, if you are doing any kind of project that involves replacing lighting or electrical fittings, then this is a great time to make LED and its advantages a factor in the lighting layout and design you choose.

What is so Great About LED?

LED has superseded other forms of energy-saving lighting as the most energy-efficient mainstream lighting solution there is. In fact, manufacturers like General Electric in the US have even stopped making their old energy saving bulbs because LED lights not only massively outperform them in terms of energy efficiency but also offer a much better look and instant brightness.

It is not just when compared to energy-saving bulbs that LED has the edge, however, it is also superior for just about every lighting application to conventional bulbs, and since it has become more widely used, the costs of buying and installing LED lights are now fairly low. In addition, any expense in using them above using traditional lights is quickly recouped in energy cost savings, and by the fact you will hardly ever need to replace bulbs.

LED Offers More Attractive Lighting Options

The advantages of LED are not just related to cost savings and being better for the environment. LED lights are much easier to produce in different shapes, and can also be made to be different colours, or even to have colour changing options, very easily. This means that for lights that you want to be able to have operating with dimmer functionality, or if you want stylish colour changing mood lighting (for instance, in a new shower in a fitted bathroom), then it is possible to get what you want with LED. With more traditional styles of lighting, even including neon, colour effects were possible either by painting the glass of a bulb or by using different colour gas inside, but none of these solutions could make efficient colour changing effects or allow for dynamic control in the same way.

In fact, even with basic white LED you can choose different colour temperatures to create different looks in the rooms you are designing lighting for, with the option for a stark, blue-toned cool white light that gives a modern look, a neutral white light that is similar to sunlight, or a warm, yellow-toned light that is more akin to a classic bulb.

Outdoor Lighting

Having already discussed why you should move your properties over to LED for cost and for the stylish options it can give you, allowing you to make your properties more desirable, it is also worth considering how well suited LED can be for outdoor use. Whether you want security lighting or you need good floodlighting for outdoor areas such as driveways, patios, pools and balcony areas, LED can offer you the bright lighting you need with only a fraction of the power usage of other types of floodlighting. You also have some maintenance advantages in terms of the fact that LED lights last much longer, meaning that you won’t have to access difficult outdoor areas to replace bulbs regularly. Some outdoor LEDs are designed to last for decades of ordinary daily use before bulbs need to be changed – and this can be a real boon if you are a landlord who is responsible for doing things like this on the properties you let out!

Switching to LED

If you are planning to install new lighting as part of a refurbishment project, and you want to know how you can set up the property with good looking, efficient LED, then it is a good idea to talk to expert electricians, such as Pascoe’s. They will be able to help you make the right choices when it comes to creating the electrical wiring needed to put LEDs where you want them, and can also offer advice on your outdoor lighting, including security lights.

If you are not looking to overhaul the lighting on a property any time soon, then it can still be a good idea to think about replacing existing lights in your properties with LED, especially in areas that you pay the electric bills for, for example, hallways and stairwells in apartment buildings, and outdoor spaces on your properties. It is good for the environment to make the switch, and also a good financial decision!