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Fantastic webinar with Mike Frisby | Just Do Property

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We hosted a fantastic webinar last night with Mike Frisby.  It was a very busy webinar and we were thrilled that so many of you managed to get on.

The webinar (LHA and Rent 2 Rent – made simple) was presented by Mike and he gave out so much useful information.  I was astounded by how much profit Mike and his students were making from using his strategies.

It was interesting to hear that the social housing market is worth £22bn in the UK. There has been a large increase in claims over the last 12 months.

Mike discussed many of his strategies, including the 2 +2 strategy and the micro studio strategy.  You can make thousands more out of your portfolio using these strategies.

One point that Mike made clear is that you need to be educated in these strategies properly before you go ahead.  Its very easy to make mistakes and lose money if you dont do it right the first time.

Mike also shared with us his direct payments letter that he uses to get paid directly from the council.  A copy will be sent on to everybody who attended the webinar.

Here are just a few sample comments from attendees:

Great webinar tonight! Liz

I found the webinar interesting and useful. Thanks, Zaheer 

Mikes course is being held on the 10th of October in the Heathrow area.  The cost is £497 and I may be able to get you a discount as Mike offered a substantial discount on the webinar.

Email me if you want any more information julie@justdoproperty.co.uk