Estate Agents embrace Lease Options

Mark and Julie Jackson paid us a visit in Manchester this week. They kindly agreed to meet with our local Estate and Letting Agents to describe the Lease Options concept to them.

We had a small informal meeting of about 8 agents. Gordon Downey a property investor from the South also came along – actually Wendy Patton calls him Sean Connery!

The meeting went really well and we received a very positive response. Lots of constructive questions were asked but they were all very positive.

They could really see how they could benefit from sending prospective leads to their local property investor (i.e. me!). Their eyes lit up when they saw that they could still make their commission and help the seller at the same time.

This way of getting lease options deals is amazing and I think if you can get the message across to your local agents you’ll never be short of leads. Maybe you should take them out for a coffee and introduce the concept to them. A big tip is to make sure you get across that they’ll still be making their commission.

We’re starting the Lease Options Made Simple course by Mark Jackson and Wendy Patton, so we’re excited to be learning a lot more about lease options. Then we can fully utilise the leads from our local agents.