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Currency UK Ltd

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Currency UK Ltd

Speak to a real person, not a machine - we promise.

Currency UK Ltd is a currency broker helping individuals and businesses in getting the best currency transfer rates when purchasing properties and regular mortgage payments in England and overseas.

CUK, we are  proud to be FCA regulated to provide FX Options and Advisory services in the UK market and work with customers globally all over the world. We help corporations reduce FX risk or individuals seeking to make large or small property investments abroad.


Currency UK does not charge any extra fees for making your transfer and we are more than happy to speak to you about your needs. If you are a business seeking help in international supplier payments or FX hedging contract, we are here to help. Our business is based on offering you a great FX rates, every time - and adding extra fees isn't part of our philosophy!!


Our great reviews here says it all. We are focused on great service and helping you save on your commercial or personal property purchase. Please get in touch on how we can help your individual or business FX needs.

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