Ive just been through the whole of the land finding course by Lyndon Forshaw.  It really is an excellent course as it contains such detailed information…

Lyndon even gives information about dealing with the land owners and provides letters to send to them and responses to any questions that they may ask.  It really does cover you for any eventuality and makes you seem like a professional developer or land finder.  Even if you are just getting started you can seem like a seasoned professional.

I went over the course as I want to progress with one of the pieces of land that I have found in my local area.  Ive done all my desktop research, following Lyndons course.  I now need to build relationships with my local commercial agents and surveyors.

I visited the site today and the only concerning thing is that it has a line of trees in front of the land. So Im not sure if theyve got tree preservation orders on them, so Ill need to check that out.

The Land Finding Masterclass has given me the confidence to move forward with my research to see whether its a viable project or not.

The great thing is you may not need to buy the course as a lot of information is contained in Lyndons free report.  Its easy to download, just click on the image below.  Why not do yourself a favour and download it, it could be a life changing decision for you!

Land Finder Fortunes