Buying or selling a house is a very significant milestone in your life, and quite naturally, everyone would like to have a smooth experience throughout the whole conveyancing process. Below are a few common conveyancing myths that we have busted for you, along with some expert advice on what to think or do instead. At Convey With Me, we want to ensure that you have no concerns towards this matter and have the smoothest journey possible.

1   “Grab the cheapest deal! You will save a lot of money”

This is an entirely false statement. When it comes to buying or selling a house, it is wise to conduct some research before choosing the conveyancer that you decide to work with. It is paramount to firstly remember that the price of conveyancing can vary, depending on the complexity of your purchase. Cheap conveyancing prices are often questionable and are too good to be true, often with extra charges that may not be immediately apparent. It is also essential to check fine print thoroughly for any hidden fees. With our services, you can apply for a quote through the click of a button. We will then process your form and be in touch with you to deal with your sale or purchase or both quickly and efficiently. Our ability to reduce the cost and give you more access to the process of buying or selling your home is the core of our track record of success.


2. “Conveyancing always takes a long time”

It is vital to understand that conveyancing is not the quickest process by any means, however it does not take forever. With technology becoming so advanced, conveyancing is actually quicker than ever before. The average time that conveyancing takes is 10 weeks, but at Convey With Me, we aim to complete the process within eight weeks. Whatever timescale you’re working to, if you have a brilliant conveyancer, you will always be kept in the loop. Our easy-to-use online tracking tools mean you can check progress and stay up-do-date at all times with 24-hour access.


3.  “It’s best to use your estate agent’s in-house conveyancer”

Your estate agent will most likely offer you a deal on your conveyancing, this may seem like an obvious option for you as you won’t have to spend time researching for your own solicitor. However, it is important to know that in circumstances such as these, you could end up bearing the cost of the estate agents referral fees, which may add an excess of up to £400 on top of your bill. Estate agents can routinely pressurise property buyers and sellers into using a solicitor that they wouldn’t originally go for. With a large amount of money, you need to be sure to trust the conveyancer that you end up choosing.

At Convey With Me, we make buying and selling easy for you. If you have any conveyancing questions we’re here to help, contact our free legal team at and we will be happy to provide expert advice and guidance.  Quote Just Do Property to receive your discount code.