What Have The Recent Tax Hikes Cost The Average Landlord?

At the beginning of the tax year of 2016-17 then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne implemented a 3% hike in stamp duty on houses which are not main residences. A tax mainly effecting landlords which has reportedly raked in over £1.4 Billion, more than double what was expected. Couple this taxation with rising mortgage rates as well as new restrictions on the interest tax relief on them, this is bad news for the net profit of those who buy-to-let. Jeff Djevdet, Director of a ‘we buy any house’ company explores what this means for the average landlord. Firstly, let’s take stock of some of the facts and figures that factor in to what this will be costing those who buy-to-let; According to the Office for National Statistics, the cost of the average property sold in 2016 was around £220,000; up around 50% from the low point of the housing price...
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