Here are some great cash flow strategies for 2010 by Rob and Mark from Progressive Property

Cash Flow Strategies for 2010
Given the choice, wed all use other peoples money [OPM] to invest or do No Deposit Down Deals and generate income Now as well as building assets for the future. But the reality in property used to be that youd only really make decent income if you bought & waited for capital appreciation.

This is no longer the case: the new investing landscape creates more opportunity than simply buying and holding. Those who are savvy are generating far more leads [online and offline] and there are many ways to monetise them, especially in the recent economic crisis.

Packaging deals and leads, creative finance tools and option strategies are some of the strategies that could significantly cashflow your property business without ever having to take out a mortgage. Of course, if you can and are able to get a 30% + Under Market Value [UMV] property then you will be increasing your long term wealth by building a bigger asset base.

Never before have I seen so many different ways to monetise Property investing. Never before have we generated so many leads  [uQL, QL, MS, LO & TB] though so many different marketing & lead generation strategies

In 2006-2008 over 85% of our deals were through Estate Agents. Still a great way to source, still our highest volume lead generation strategy, but things have changed & in 2010 leads & deals [uQL, QL, MS, LO & TB] have come through [some] previously unproven platforms: facebook & twitter, forums, newspaper adverts, newspaper ageing, WOM, our own agents boards, SEO & online lead gen, leaflets, postcards, online video, YouTube, and some Ive probably forgotten as we use 33 strategies in all.

Earning £3k -£ 9k+ per Month without a Mortgage

There are a few ways that you can earn and this is in relation to Finders Fees. Although terminology varies the few ways you can do this is:

1] Ready Made Deals [RMD] – The deal has been negotiated and agreed with the vendor and a signed Purchase Option agreement or assignable contract is in place. These deals will usually be packaged and can also be low or no money down [NMD] with all the costs including the Bridging loan. Cash back is sometimes available depending on the level of discount obtained. Fee: £3-7k per deal.

2] Qualified Leads [QL] – The vendor has telephoned and the lead has been qualified. [agreed that in principle they may take 25-30% UMV offer]. The more concrete the agreement of discount, the more you can charge. The lead may not have sufficient equity on the deal to be included in the above category, and may have the deal on with an estate agent. The lead will be confirmed by telephone that they are interested in an Under Market Value offer price and open to further negotiation. It will be up to the investor who you sell this lead on to, to use their skills to convert this deal by whatever legal means they deem reasonable. Fee: £75 -£250.

3] Unqualified Leads [uQL] – The vendor may not have been contacted at all. These are usually leads who have simply filled in a form on a website, called an automated phone number or rejected a significant discount. This can be a really passive way of selling the leads without much work. Fee: £50 +

4] Rent to Own [R2O] – Find unqualified leads from estate agents and sell your Lease Option deal to a tenant buyer/FTB [First Time buyer]. You will need to phrase the concept of this in way that they will understand: Dont use terms such as Lease Option & Tenant Buyer. Keep it simple and sell the benefits – “How would you like to own your own home with a minimal deposit?” You can charge a 3% deposit upfront: Fee 3-5k.

5] Flip for Commission [FFC] – Youve found a deal which is out of your area [patch] or not in your investment criteria [decent discount but no cashflow] and so you dont want to keep it. You can find a joint venture partner [JV] who can get mortgage [MH] or pay cash for the deal, wait 6 months, sell it and split the profits or share the equity and cashflow by holding it.

There are many other ways such as using an Assisted Sale [AS], Shared Ownership [SO], Portfolio Building [PB] MH/DoT, B2S/& many more that will be shared on in our next events on Sat 10th July 2010: “9K in 90 Days: The 7 Way Property Cashflow Blueprint Beginners Event of 2010”

Other lead generation strategies that will be revealed on the day will include: Biz Directories, Aggregators, Google Local, Adwords Bing & PPC, Facebook Ads, WOM/Referrals, Med Cards, Affiliates and many more.

It is imperative for your business that you have multiple lead generating systems in place. Did you know that it takes 35 leads to do at least one deal making you over £20,000? How many systems do you have in place?

If you really want to accelerate your cashflow and adopt the new never revealed before 2010 strategies the only and last time we are planning to do this is in July : We only have limited number of seats still available.

Rob & Mark

Progressive Property