RightMove.co.uk believes that the average buyer is being shunned by lenders in favour of bargain-hunting bottom feeders and the low-loan to value elite.

This comes after announcing a hike of 3.1% in asking prices between 9th January and 12th February and mimics the increases seen last year.

Their belief is that 2011 will be the same as 2010 and more limbo-landlords as it dubs will rent their houses in order to move on.

“Trends during the first six weeks of the New Year normally shed light on how the remainder of the year might pan out. The start of this year is very much a repeat of 2010 and so we expect 2011 to be characterised by what may well be the new norm, with the average buyer of yesteryear locked out of the market.”

Regionally all regions have seen a Monthly increase, apart from Wedt Midlands (-1.4%) and East Midlands (-0.1%). Yorkshire & Humberside sees the largest increase (6.7%), followed by East Anglia (5.3%)

For more information visit: http://www.cml.org.uk/cml/media/press/2861

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