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Over the years, I’ve spoken with hundreds maybe thousands of property investors and business owners and if there is one thing that I’ve learned; it’s the difference between success and mediocrity is just 2 millimetres.

As a special precursor to both my book launch and my live event in London on June 22nd, I’ve included a small except from my book to get you thinking about the difference between success and just being plain comfortable.

Take a read and see what you think.  You may wish to take out a pen and paper and make some notes too!

Day 3: Your Map To Success

If you want to be successful in anything, you need to follow a vision and dream.

It can’t be something you just go along with. You cant simply meander along life’s journey living someone elses dream – or helping them live it.

You have to stop right now and get serious with your life.

Nobody else will encourage you to do this because at heart we are all selfish buggers whose primary aim and motivation is ourselves.

I want you to succeed big time but I cannot do the work for you. You actually have to create the dream yourself and take action.

So, lets focus on YOU and your needs and your joy.

A lot of people are so disconnected from themselves that they live in a dream world. Theyre not truly living life; theyre just passive bystanders watching their lives slip by.

I want you to live life to the fullest.

If your dream and vision seem small, that ok. Were going to get to how to make that bigger as we progress and youll see how easy it is to create an fulfilling lifestyle.

Once youre living that life, you create the flow in your life that enables you to take the opportunities that come your way and start to make those things happen in your life that right now seem to be passing you by.

First I need you to change your state. Get a glass of your favourite beverage and (with the glass on a table) get your body moving by shaking your arms, moving your head up and down, side to side, and rolling your shoulders for 30 seconds.

Done? Now go choose any piece of music that gets your adrenaline flowing and makes you think. The kind of music where you feel the stand up on the back of your neck and you love how it makes you feel.

You should have a few tracks that work for you but if you’re struggling, I’ve suggested some great tracks at the beginning of this chapter.

So, here’s a series of questions to answer to get you in the right frame of mind. Please don’t’ skip this section and please take some time to consider each question but you should aim to finish them all within about 15 minutes.

a)    If money was unlimited and time was abundant, what would you do?


b)    If you only had 30 days left, how would you celebrate your life and what would be three exciting things you absolutely had to do?


c)    What do you absolutely love to do? Who do you love to share these with? Who would you love to share these things with?


d)    What are the things that you loathe to do? Who do you dislike spending time with?


e)    What are the things that you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time? What are the things that you think you would like to do? Who are the people you’d like to hang out with that are not in your circle right now?


f)     Who are your three major influencers in your life? What are the 3 core things that you’ve learn from each of these influencers?  


g)    What is the one piece of advice your parents or mentors would give you if you asked them what they would differently if they have their time again?


h)    What places would you like to see that you haven’t been to yet or want to go back to again?


i)      What gadgets or material things would you like in your life that you don’t currently have?


j)      Whose life or lives would you like to make a difference to? How would you do it? Why would it matter?


k)    If geographical boundaries were unlimited, time travel available and you could teleport yourself anywhere in a heartbeat, describe your perfect day from getting up to going to bed.


How did that make you feel?

I bet you are thinking that that was a serious bunch of questions. And you’d be right. It was, and it is, but its serious because it’s your life and only you can change your life to make it the one you wish to live.

Some of you may have noticed that there wasn’t really a lot about property in there. Property is just a vehicle to get you to where you wish to be, but in the vast majority of cases that I’ve seen, it’s not really people’s motivation to get up and go in the morning.

The property business may be exciting, and it may be different, and it may be new, but you need to have a vision and outcome stacked up behind this for you to be able to get up every morning knowing that you are going to get out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN baby! Oh yes.

Now youve answered these questions, how do you feel?

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and thinking theres so much I want to do and I just don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling I don’t really want that much – or I don’t really know what I want?

Or are you feeling that exercise was easy and youve tons more to give – so lets get it on?

Whatever the outcome, your journey is your journey and your map is your map.

I run into people all the time on the speaking circuit where I notice somebody that I’ve seen several times before, they been on one of my workshops and I know from speaking to them that they’ve been on somebody else’s course and it may well be that they are even now on a coaching or mentoring programme because they need help on getting started in this crazy property business because there is so much to learn.

Bullshit! If you are one of these people, you are just deluding yourself and you have turned yourself into – shock horror – a seminar junkie. You are addicted to learning and not taking action.

Anybody can do this stuff provided you take action. A good coach or mentor is invaluable for checking in and making sure youre doing the right thing, but it’s up to you to do this – not your mentor.

You’ll forgive my little rant there but I really feel sorry for those folks that do go on every course but haven’t got started. I know how easy it is and how much further along they would be if they had set out a vision and a plan.

And that’s where we come back to.

Without YOUR vision and YOUR plan you are not going to be able to progress.

So I really want to get your vision cemented a little bit now in order to ensure that you get the maximum value out of this guidebook because I am a guide and you are an adventurer and together we are going to go on a journey that has one goal in mind: your ultimate outcome for your life backed up by the power of property.

You can join Matthew and around 150 other property investors at his launch event – Cracking the Property Code Live on June 22nd in London Ealing from just £9.99.

More details can be found here.