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"After 15 years in the property business, we have built our own portfolio and helped others by providing solutions that increase ROI, save time and money".

Packed with guidance, support, ideas and products on how to build a property portfolio, justdoproperty.co.uk simply removes the need for tedious web surfing and research. The secret behind the company’s success is simple: free, practical advice from the people who have really been there and done it! Whether you are a novice or an accomplished property investor, Julie and Alec provide the tools to fast-track your progress!

But it hasn’t always been so easy. When the ambitious duo first decided to start in the industry, the one thing that hindered their progress was the fact that there were no ‘one-stop advice shops’ available.Determined not to let challenges jeopardise their success, the unwavering couple slowly climbed the ladder towards their dreams. Then, once they reached the top, they made a decision. Julie and Alec realised that at the beginning of their careers, most of their help and support merely trickled in from various online resources.

Agreeing that their targets could have been more rapidly reached if they had been given access to a one-stop portal, Julie and Alec launched justdoproperty.co.uk; and it worked! Now, with thousands of investors benefiting from the resourceful website this innovative company has become the number one site for people just like you.