We were really pleased to have so many people complete our survey recently.  Its so interesting to get feedback from our subscribers.

The demographics of our subscribers was interesting to look at. 69% were aged between 35 and 55.  A massive 71% of investors were male.  That figure really surprised me! Come on girls.. did you just not fill in our survey or is this a male dominated industry?  I fear that the latter is true.  Any comments on this??

54% owned or controlled 1 – 5 properties. 31% owned or controlled 6 or more and 14% hadnt bought property yet.

Not surprisingly the majority of people had finance issues and would like more information around this area.

We had some lovely comments also, a few of which are:

“The information you provide is very good as is your website.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“Great website, very informative – Thank you for all your hard work.”


One subscriber wanted us to get interviews with George Soros, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet – he went on to say he was kidding about the 3 Americans!

We are now working to tailor the website to fit the needs of our subscribers and to bring relevant information to you that will help you grow your property portfolio.

We love getting feedback from you, so please do continue to comment on our posts.